DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 2011 schedule

Saturday 29th January 2011

  • .Net Collections Deep Dive

    by Gary Short

    The .Net framework provides a rich set of collection classes, but how much do you really know about them? In this presentation we'll take a deep dive into the .Net 4.0 collection classes and examine which are best for what scenario and why. By the end of the presentation, you'll no longer be happy just reaching for the same old collection you always had before. Instead, you'll be armed with the information required to pick the best collection for your needs.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Saturday 29th January

  • Go Asynchronous With C# 5.0

    by Liam Westley

    Anders Hejlsberg announced the Visual Studio Async CTP at PDC 2010.

    This CTP means you don’t need to create callback functions anymore and can write code in the same way as if it were synchronous. The compiler will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

    public async void GetDDD9Sessions()
    var ddd = "http://ddd.com/ddd9/Sessions.aspx";

    var sessions = await new WebClient().GetSessionsAsync(new Uri(ddd));

    In this session we'll see how the GetDDD9Sessions method works and why it allows you to make a pot of tea while it runs.

    More info on the Visual Studio Async CTP, including download details at,


    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Saturday 29th January

  • How to Write Maintainable Tests

    by David Burns

    Selenium is one of the most widely used testing frameworks in the world. It has great support for driving a wide range of browsers and writing tests for it is extremely easy. People with little to no Selenium experience can write/record tests with little to no effort.

    It can be very easy to write brittle or hard to maintain tests - simple UI changes can require large amounts of work on the tests.

    Imagine that you have 1000 tests and all your tests require you to login before completing a bit of work.

    if someone on your team changes the ID of the username text box and all your tests will start failing.

    Updating 1000 tests is going to be a lengthy, tedious process - something that you would want to avoid!

    This talk will show how to create maintainable Selenium tests using the Page Object Model, with the goal of allowing even non-technical members of the team to be able to write new tests.

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Saturday 29th January

  • What's New In ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and 3.0

    by Andy Gibson

    ASP.NET MVC has been making waves over the past 2 years within the ASP.NET community and quite rightly so with features such as promoting separation of concerns, strongly typed views and a great routing system but it doesn't stop there. ASP.NET MVC 2.0 is now publicly available and is also being shipped with Visual Studio 2010 and hot on its heels is version 3.0 which adds Microsoft's new Razor view engine to the mix. But what new features have been brought to the table? What has changed? And most importantly, how will you be affected by upgrading from 1.0 or even 2.0?

    This session will bring you up to speed with all the information you need to know delivered through slides and more interestingly, live demos. Topics covered include (but not limited to)
    - Razor
    - Model-Validator Providers
    - Optional URL Parameters
    - Template / HTML Helper improvements
    - Improved Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control integration
    - NuGet Package Manager
    - Additions and updates to MVC Attributes
    - Visual Studio integration improvements
    - Breaking changes from MVC 1.0/2.0
    - Pros and cons to MVC
    - To upgrade or not to upgrade (or simply, Advice)

    We will look at features brought in by both v2.0 and v3.0 of the MVC framework and provides a good source of information for those looking to learn more or to upgrade existing projects.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Saturday 29th January

  • From .NET to Rails, A Developer’s Story

    by ColinGemmell

    In May 2010 I changed jobs, leaving the land of .NET to the world of Ruby on Rails. In this talk I will go over what I found easy, hard or just completely misunderstood when starting with Ruby and Rails. While focusing on my experiences we will also look at the differences between .NET development and Ruby development.

    At 3:10pm to 4:10pm, Saturday 29th January