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Ketan Majmudar

Freelance Web Designer/Developer (, Bassist & Photographer (3D & 2D). Co-founder, Co-Organiser London Titanium User Group

Michael Wawra

A Supergeek. With a human interface that works.

Will Kelly

Web developer, part cyborg, co-founder @constantdotco bio from Twitter

Team Kasabi

New twitter name for more official tweets is over on @kasabi bio from Twitter

Karen Barber

A curiosity of life. In search of an oasis! Currently experimenting around mobile, startups, tech, innovation. Catalyst. Loves outdoors & adventure. bio from Twitter

Alex Forrow

Ops for DataSift and TweetMeme bio from Twitter

Tim Whitlock

Always in beta. Working on @Loco_App. Maker of @BrandfeedUK and @TwitBlockApp. bio from Twitter

Oliver Byford

Developer with @gdsteam, dabbles in climbing, photography and technical theatre. bio from Twitter


emerging an open society (in a geeky way) bio from Twitter

James Sheppard

Technical Architect, BBC


I grab information from every nook and cranny - that's how I do prescience. Its uncanny! bio from Twitter

Paul Kane

Gadget addict, music lover, occasional runner. bio from Twitter


I am a human chimp. bio from Twitter

Chris Waring

Product designer/developer for sound and social tech. Founder of @wwavesco, co-organiser of @meteorlondon.

Peter Richards

Love the outdoors, love the internet... maps are pretty sweet too. Off on another internet adventure, making exhibitions social @gleanin. bio from Twitter

Nick Smith

Growth Hacker at Geckoboard. Bikes, seafood, travel, learning.

Maurizio Conventi

Computer science engineer, I strongly believe that we must bring technology to people in the most elegant and transparent way. bio from Twitter

Jay Caines-Gooby

Planning @kidconf for 2016. Brighton, UK bio from Twitter

James Griffin

Computer Scientist, Software Engineer and Musician. CTO @idioplatform. bio from Twitter

John Cleveley

Engineering Manager @BuzzFeed bio from Twitter

Lorenzo Alberton

Chief Tech Architect at DataSift bio from Twitter

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Jason Costa

Platform at Twitter bio from Twitter

Jo Summers

Hello. I am a geek girl, new media addict, web developer, producer, and project manager. I live in an untidy flat, by the sea, in Brighton.

Gareth Lloyd

Software Developer at Conversocial.

Michał Stefanów

MSc in Computer Science / web developer. I want to be able to say what I really think. #freedom

GDN DropIn Updates

This is the account for the Guardian Developer Network DropIn. do come in bio from Twitter

Zach Beauvais

✍ Words chap at @makeitfluent. I tweet my own words, though. bio from Twitter

Michæl Brunton-Spall

Technical Architect for Government Digital Service

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