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Filip van Laenen

Chief Architect at Computas — programmer since 1997 — working on a book about mutation testing

Andreas Evers

Principal Java consultant @Ordina. Passionate about the Spring ecosystem, microservices, REST, clean code, ... Avid open source enthusiast & Spring contributor. bio from Twitter

Bart Blommaerts

Software Architect at Ordina, father, husband, car nut.

Tomasz Dziurko

Pretty bad Java programmer with a surprisingly good reputation. Remote worker, book reader, Wicket and Spock fan. @SoftwareMill coolness evangelist ;)

Riza Nugraha

Software Developer, The Hyve

Peter Van de Voorde

I'm a proud father and husband, a boardgamegeek and I believe in investing in yourself and not being afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Filip Maelbrancke

Consultant at AppFoundry // Android, Java, Scala tinkerer


Chef de Projet Technique bio from LinkedIn

Stéphane Nicoll

Software Engineer. Spring Boot & Framework team member.

Brian Clozel

Spring Framework committer, Pivotal inc.


Continuously Delivering Groovy Java solutions in a Test Driven Development manner via Scrum/Kanban, preferably on Linux. DevOps minded Software Craftsman

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Frederik Heremans

Alfresco Employee - Activiti core developer bio from Twitter

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Nick Butcher

Android Developer Advocate at Google

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Alex Miller

Clojure, Java, JVM, concurrency, Strange Loop, Clojure/West, Lambda Jam, Lambda Lounge, nachos, beer, music

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Andrey Breslav

Language designer/implementor (Project Kotlin @ JetBrains). School teacher (PhML 239).

Eric Darchis

General Geek, Java developer, Unix fan, open-minded.

Jonathan Fuerth

Toronto-based geek @ Pivotal Labs. I'm a dad, I co-lead Java user group TJUG.ca, brew beer, and enthuse about mass transit. I use full sentences in jaunty bios. bio from Twitter

Per Wramdemark

java hv71 technology iphone fcbarcelona sport programmer software design karlskrona golf jönköping android mac bio from Twitter

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Chris Richardson

Founder of Eventuate, Inc a microservices application platform, Founder of the original Cloud Foundry PaaS, Author of POJOs in Action.

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Trisha Gee

Java Developer & Community Leader

John Stevenson

Speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer - loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development. @Heroku @SalesforceDevs

Alexis Hassler

Architecte Java, formateur indépendant, JUG leader à Lyon bio from Twitter

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Brendan W. McAdams

Professional Services @Typesafe; Former Scala Guru @10gen. Creator of Casbah, Hammersmith, & Mongo-Hadoop. My halfbaked opinions are entirely my own. bio from Twitter

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Devoxx 2011

Belgium Belgium, Antwerp

14th18th November 2011

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