Sessions at Devoxx 2011 on Thursday 17th November

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  • JPA on NoSQL: an approach with Hibernate OGM

    by Emmanuel Bernard

    PaaS, Cloud. How to store data is the real challenge. In a NoSQL store? Could we do that with familiar APIs?
    The goal of Hibernate OGM is to explore how we could reuse Java Persistence (known domain model centric API) to store entities in NoSQL stores. It offers a JPA front end (object manipulation and JP-QL query) to applications while storing and querying data from a key/value grid (and other NoSQL later). That includes trying to support existing applications using JPA.
    In this presentation, we will:
    - see an overview of the (No)SQL landscape and how a JPA front end can fit some interesting use cases.
    - explore how to store entities and associations into a key/value store and what compromise has to be made.
    - explore the trade-offs between schema vs schema-less, what can be translated from the relational model and what cannot
    - see how one can implement JP-QL queries on top of a non queryable technology (key/value store)

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Thursday 17th November

  • The jQuery Essentials

    by Addy Osmani

    jQuery is rapidly becoming the most widely used JavaScript library for DOM manipulation, Ajax, events and effects in the world. For developers who work on the front-end but could use better JavaScript skills, it's an essential piece of your toolkit that will almost certainly make your job more easy.

    In this talk, I'll guide you through the essentials of jQuery, showing you some best practices and performance tips and tricks along the way. If you're looking for a crash course in the library, this talk might just do the trick.

    At 3:10pm to 4:10pm, Thursday 17th November

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  • Is Fantom light years ahead of Scala

    by Stephen Colebourne

    Fantom is a production-ready programming language that compiles to the JVM and Javascript. On occasion, I've described Fantom as being 'in some ways light years ahead of Scala'. But how do I justify that? Why do I consider the ideas and direction of Fantom to be a more appealing view of the future than Scala? In this talk I'll summarize the features of Fantom and try to explain my opinion of why its strengths are important.

    At 5:50pm to 6:50pm, Thursday 17th November

    In Metropolis Business Center

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