Hackevening Hannover: JavaScript Animations: Canvas vs DOM vs CSS3 vs WebGL schedule

Tuesday 23rd August 2011

  • JS Animations Hackevening

    Coding event for Frontend Developers and JavaScript Developers (and wanna-bes). We will focus on implementing animations in JavaScript, both in the "classical" way (DOM-manipulation, get ready for some advanced DOM-hacks!) and using HTML5 features as WebGL, Canvas + CSS3.

    1. 27min JavaScript Programming FlashBack
    Short refresher about the tricky JavaScript parts: prototype based object oriented programming, falsy values, special values, events

    2. Efficient DOM-manipulation
    Animating the scene using performance-tuned manipulation of DOM-elements and their style-properties. How to do this in an efficient way? How does the rendering engine of the browser work?

    3. HTML5 Toolkit for animations
    - Canvas: using 2D-context for drawing and animating objects
    - WebGL: also the 3D-context can be used for 2D-animations
    - CSS3: Splitting the animation mechanics from the application-logic

    4. Demo Time / Discussion / Socializing
    Share your thoughts and experiences!

    At 7:00pm to 10:00pm, Tuesday 23rd August