Sessions at Drupal Developer Days: Brussels about Drupal 7

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Saturday 5th February 2011

  • [Beginner] Drupal 7 - from zero to hero within 1 hour - Dataflow (D0.05)

    by demeester_roel

    You've have heard talking about Drupal, you've heard about the buzz, heck.. you even plan to attend a DrupalCamp? But you have almost no clue what this 'geeky'-CMS can do for you?

    Attend this introductionary session and get a quick overview of Drupal, its history, its community, the power of extra modules and themes and even learn to convert an exisiting HTML site into a decent CMS using stuff like 'fields', 'content types', 'image styles'

    After this session you will be ready to enroll into a professional drupal training class featured in a classroom near you.

    Note: This presentation will be loosely based on following slides : http://www.slideshare.net/develo...

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Saturday 5th February

  • [Intermediate] Coder Module: Easily Port Modules to Drupal 7 - Dataflow (D0.05)

    by Stella Power

    Drupal has a number of coding standards that all contributed Drupal modules and themes should be using. Instead of each developer coding in their own preferred style, they are asked to write all code according to the standards outlined in the document. This ensures that all of Drupal's code is written to a consistent standard, making it easier to understand and modify. Drupal also provides its own set of API functions, and as the drop is always moving, a large number of these API functions can change between major releases of Drupal. This can cause hassle for contributed module and theme maintainers as they need to upgrade their code for newer releases.

    This session will focus on the new Coder module for Drupal 7, which is a merger of the Code Review and Deadwood modules. This is a useful developer tool which allows developers to ensure that their code meets the Drupal coding standards and can also identify common security coding issues. In addition to providing a set of tests to assist developers when upgrading their modules to newer versions of Drupal, with the addition of the Deadwood module (aka Coder Upgrade) it will now also upgrade your code for you! If you write or maintain Drupal code, you should be using this module.

    This session will allow you to see both Coder Review and Coder Upgrade modules in action. We'll run reviews on a module and discuss some of the common styling problems that it can identify for you. We'll also show you how Coder Upgrade can assist you in upgrading your modules to Drupal 7 and, if we have time, how you can help improve Coder by submitting new rules. By the end of this session, attendees will have a good grounding in what the Coder module does and how they can use it to improve their modules and themes.

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Saturday 5th February

  • [Intermediate] Custom code in Drupal 7 - Dataflow (D0.05)

    by Florian Lorétan

    The ability to extend existing module in a clean way is what makes the difference between a project that's 80% done and one that's 100% done. This was true for Drupal 6 and is still true for Drupal 7.

    While the techniques are similar, a lot of things have changed. Between the confusing new possibilities and the things that used to work but don't anymore, the first Drupal 7 project can be a challenge even for experienced Drupal 6 developers.

    There are a lot of information available about the new features of Drupal 7. This session will instead focus on practical examples that are representative of real-life projects.

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Saturday 5th February

  • [Beginner] Drupal Commerce in Drupal 7- How to build robust e-commerce sites - Krimson Room (D0.03)

    by George Papadongonas

    Drupal Commerce, now in alpha4 is the successor of Ubercart, but it’s actually a module written from scratch. We’ll see together all the new features of it, all we’ll discuss about the available options for e-commerce in Drupal in the near future.


    • A quick demonstration of Drupal Commerce
    • An overview of the great features of Drupal 7 that are used, like Views 3, Rules 2, Entity API, Field API
    • When can I start using it? Isn’t it too early?
    • What about Ubercart? Should I abandon it?

    At 3:00pm to 3:45pm, Saturday 5th February

  • [Expert] How to Make Entities and Influence Drupal - Emerging Patterns from Drupal Contrib - Drupalpond Room (E0.11)

    by Ronald Ashri

    One of the biggest "behind the scenes" changes in Drupal 7 is the shift from nodes as the "atom" of Drupal to entities. All the main aspects of Drupal, such as nodes, comments, taxonomy terms and users are now entities and there is a growing set of modules that allow you to manipulate entities. In addition, creating your own entities can bring great benefits to Drupal development since they can both benefit from being instantly fieldable but also as lightweight in terms of UI and/or additional functions as you need them to be.

    However, as entities are a new element best practices have yet to spread widely. The aim of this session is to investigate how entities are being used so far in contrib modules and try to identify (with your help!) what are the emerging patterns.

    At 5:00pm to 5:45pm, Saturday 5th February

  • {Intermediate] Developing for Views 7.3 API - Dataflow Room (D0.05)

    by Frédéric G. MARAND


    In this session, module developers will receive an introduction to the Views 7.3 API:

    * API overview
    * embedding Views in code
    * defining default Views
    * declaring new tables to Views
    o standalone tables
    o tables joined to other existing tables
    o fields: real, virtual
    o altering existing definitions
    * Writing handlers (intro)
    * Writing plugins (intro)

    Code samples

    • embedding a View
    • defining a View
    • writing an Area handler

    Prerequisites / Limitations

    Attendees should be knowledgeable about module writing and about Views UI use.

    Not covered due to limited time: in-depth treatment of advanced field techniques, query altering, various handler and plugin types, themeing, noSQL views, i18n in views.

    Following dereine's previous presentation on Views 7.3 is warmly recommended.

    At 5:00pm to 5:45pm, Saturday 5th February

Sunday 6th February 2011

  • [Beginner] 7 times 7 improvements in Drupal - Krimson (D0.03)

    by Stijn Vanden Brande and Davy Van Den Bremt

    With the release of Drupal 7 at the beginning of 2011 we have a whole new beast in our hands. This session will provide a look on what's new and what's gone.

    The session is split up in 7 sections:

    1) 7 improvements for users
    2) 7 improvements for developers
    3) 7 improvements for themers
    4) 7 improvements for system administrators
    5) 7 seeds for the future
    6) 7 mistakes of the past that were corrected
    7) 7 signs that Drupal 7 rocks

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Sunday 6th February