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Saturday 5th February 2011

  • [Intermediate] Hack you way throught the Drupal API: a development intro for themers - Krimson Room (D0.03)

    by Baris Wanschers

    You can dream PHPtemplate, you're the best theming ninja in your village and you scream VIEWS before the client even asked you about this News overview?

    But as it is with Drupal: a module nearly does exactly what your client needs for his requirements and that leaves you (or the client) with two options: accept it as it is, or let some PHP guru develop a custom module that fulfills all needs.

    But did you know that just knowing the basics of module development can help you save the day? Or at least, in many occasions?

    In this session I'll show you some very basic hooks of the Drupal API:

    * Use hook_form_alter to:
    - add/change elements of a form
    - change ID's and classes of forms
    - write your own field validations
    * Use hook_menu_alter to:
    - Rename menu items
    - Override an existing function that is not themable
    - Delete items (even tabs!) from the navigation
    * Use hook_link_alter to change the goal of an existing link
    * Use hook_node_load to insert/change elements in a node teaser.
    * And more

    This training will NOT learn you how to develop custom modules. But I hope to give you some basic insight into the power of the Drupal API. And by doing so, minimizing frustrations and development time on your next projects.

    Even a theming ninja can't do without some good old programming.

    At 12:00pm to 12:45pm, Saturday 5th February