Sessions at Drupal Developer Days: Brussels about Issue Queue and Translation and Bug Fixing

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Saturday 5th February 2011

  • [Beginner] Contributing to Drupal - Drupalpond Room (E0.11)

    by Erik Stielstra

    You can write drupal code, but how to share it with the community?
    You hacked a module and fixed some bugs, but how to get it into the next release?
    You know how to improve the user interface, now how to convince the module maintainer?
    You like to help others, can write better documentation, help to translate the interface?

    There are many ways you can contribute and every drop counts. And above all, it's fun!

    Learn how to contribute, where to go, which the 'procedures' to follow and which tools to use.

    At 4:00pm to 4:45pm, Saturday 5th February