Rights, Privacy, Consent and Pedagodgy: Recording and Distributing Lectures

A session at 9th Annual e-Learning 2.0 Conference

Friday 25th March, 2011

3:00pm to 3:50pm (EST)

With the advent of more online and hybrid courses as well as the development of more classrooms that permit the video and audio recording of lectures new issues arise. This work will provide a framework to address the issues of intellectual property, privacy and consent issues. The new technologies provide the opportunity to capture and distribute the classroom lectures which includes the intellectual property of the faculty member as well as the input and participation of the students. There are also issues of control and ownership which are important to the University as well. While there are clearly exciting possibilities, including time shifting, students with disabilities, and distances to campuses, to the capture and dissemination of the classroom experience, there are also important normative issues as well. Because something is technically possible may not simply imply that it should be done, at least without sufficient protections. Is it assumed that students enrolled in a class can be recorded for future dissemination have no rights or expectations of privacy? This paper addresses the issues of privacy, ownership, and consent (whether it is needed and if so what type and its implications for a classroom environment which may well vary in terms of the subject matter and degree of desired privacy). A chemistry class may not have the same sensibilities attached as a political science or human sexuality class may have. For the latter two examples, perhaps an important feature of the classroom experience is to more freely think and express oneself in a “protective and nurturing environment.” With the camera rolling this may not be possible due to the potential of a chilling effect. The degree of interactivity and freedom of expression may be impinged depending on how these issues are resolved.

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Time 3:00pm3:50pm EST

Date Fri 25th March 2011

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