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Francis Rowland

UX designer; sketchnoter, aikidoka, family guy. Co-organiser of @camusability.


runs @opentechUK, interested in tech, engagement, climate, sustainability, and other misc troublemakings.


GoomeoEvents : The first solution to build and manage event and cultural apps. http://www.goomeoevents.com/ bio from Twitter

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

Helen Keegan

Mobile Marketing, Advertising and Media Specialist. Public Speaker. Event Organiser. Blogger.

Martina Schell 

UX strategy, design & research. Lean/agile cultural change agent. Author @13antipatterns. Startup mentor. Co-founder @UXTuesday. Foodie, traveller, pony lover. bio from Twitter

Fauz Ghauri

Tweaker, modder, hacker and gamer :) (but only just!) bio from Twitter

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Ian Forrester

Senior firestarter at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and serial social geek event organiser.

hamish campbell

OMN - looking at the state of the media and what you can do about it bio from Twitter

Richard Johnson

Charity bloke & organiser of @ignite_london. Previously a Biomedical Scientist. Uvavu? bio from Twitter


Video for social change - Richard Hering, Marc Barto, Takako Yamaguchi, Hamish Campbell at info@visionon.tv bio from Twitter

Joe Lanman

Design lead on @gdsteam Prototype Kit, previously on http://GOV.UK Verify, Petition Parliament, Register to Vote. Tweets don't represent my employer. bio from Twitter

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Christian Heilmann

Londoner, German, European. Developer Evangelist - all things open web, writing and helping. Works at Microsoft on Edge, opinions totally my own. #nofilter bio from Twitter

Franco Papeschi

User Experience expert, helping entrepreneurs in developing countries transform ideas into products and start-ups

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Annie Mole

Tube, Food & London Stuff and Head of Social Media at Great British Chefs http://www.greatbritishchefs.com Follow us @gbchefs bio from Twitter

Simon Cox

I have built and managed websites for work and pleasure since 1994. I evangelise web standards, love using ExpressionEngine and am part of CroydonCreatives.

Nishma Doshi

Tech, Civil Rights, Freedom of Expression. Community & Events Officer at the Open Rights Group (Tweets do not represent ORG's views) bio from Twitter


Building scalable web systems since 1997 bio from Twitter

Miguel Neves

Social media speaker | Head Chef at @SocialMChefs | Member of the International Board of Directors at @MPI | Co-chair of the @Events_Council APEX Committee bio from Twitter

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Kate Reader

Educational Technologist at City University London, love investigating how technology can be used in teaching and learning


Makes websites. Rides Bikes. Developer on @GOVUK.

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Shane Wohlers

Dandy / Digital Flaneur. Learning. Technology. Collaboration. Stayin' gold like Ponyboy would.

Farhan Rehman

Online Marketing Strategist, specialising in Social Media, interested in all things engagement, and strategy. Enjoy Creating Order out of Chaos. bio from Twitter


Front-end developer for @liquidlightuk, movie lover, @_hovelo founder, iPhone "photographer", Vue.js advocate and @bytesconf organiser. Tweet me hello! bio from Twitter

Anthony Killeen

Free-time freelance web designer & front end developer, Husband, Dad, Runner, Gamer & Geek. I organise the @CrCreatives & co-founder of @12Devs bio from Twitter

Zach Beauvais

✍ Words chap at @makeitfluent. I tweet my own words, though. http://www.linkedin.com/in/zachbeauvais bio from Twitter

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Sam Collins

Founder at Eventasaurus

Neil Crosby

A jolly nice chap who hugs, writes code and cooks.

Over the Air 2013

36 hours of mobile development

Ashraf Samy Hegab

My life is a dream. I wake up to go to sleep. / #Belieber / http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/920406198/playir-drag-and-drop-3d-multiplayer-game-designer bio from Twitter

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