Jam Session call for participation

EuroIA 2011

The IA Jam Session will take place alongside the Poster session.
September 23, Friday

All you have to do is grab a spot to set up your computer or hang up your documents. Walls, tables, and WiFi will be provided. Bring along anything you think will help you communicate your message – an on-screen demo, printed copies of an interesting case story, research reports, personal work, anything that effectively presents your ideas.

Remember, you are not limited to paper documents – installations, assemblages, design artifacts, and bizarre sculptures made of peanuts and toothpicks are welcome. As long as you think they effectively communicate IA principles, we promise you to give them the love they deserve!

If you’re working under an NDA, you can always share work in template form using dummy data as long as the main concepts are clear and easy to grasp.
We’re strictly interested in projects, processes, deliverables that provide ‘real learning’ so no commercial pitches, recruitment or showcasing your company or technology please.

To give your work a little bit of context, we will ask contributors to complete a coversheet on the evening that collects a short description, of why and how you use your presentations and deliverables. This information will be posted on the wall or by your laptop.

This call is now closed.

  • Closed on: 23rd September 2011