Sessions at EuroPython 2011 about PySide and Python on Friday 24th June

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  • Developing Desktop and mobile apps with PySide and QML

    by Thomas Perl

    PySide offers Python bindings to the Qt libraries. This allows rapid development of great UI-based Python applications. With the addition of QML in Qt 4.7, this now gives developers a chance to develop touch-based, rich applications directly with Python. This talk introduces PySide development, combined with QML, and shows some real-world examples of mobile PySide applications.

    This talk is based on my PySide/QML on MeeGo tutorials (from http://thp.io/2010/meego-python/), and shows some of the possibilities. It is aimed at Python developers looking for a GUI toolkit to create fluent, hardware-accelerated cross-platform UIs using QML.

    At 9:00am to 1:00pm, Friday 24th June