Sessions at 2011 eXtension National CoP Workshop about Communities

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Wednesday 29th June 2011

  • Finding Your Social Media Strategy

    by Amy Hays, Karen Jeannette and Michele Payn-Knoper

    Many CoPs have decided to utilize social media as a method of engagement between their members and their communities of interest. For both experienced and new CoPs who are using – or contemplating using – social media, this session will concentrate on the strategy of engagement in social channels. There are many different methods and ways that you can use social media to engage your network. This hands on workshop will explore and explain what different engagement models look like, and how they operate. The focus on this workshop will be interactively demonstrate what “engagement” looks like through using social media in different ways. You will learn how to set up some strategies for working with clients, and for choosing tools that enhance your reach. Learn how to move your CoP from an online presence to an active engagement network. Join staff from eXtension and keynote speaker, Michele Payn-Knoper, in this hands on work session involving developing your CoPs social media strategy. You will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with MPK and each other as you explore tools, ask questions, and gather information about how people are using social media to enhance their personal learning networks.

    At 10:45am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 29th June