Sessions at 2011 eXtension National CoP Workshop about social media, blogging

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Wednesday 29th June 2011

  • Challenges, Discoveries, and New Opportunities of Launching a Community of Practice Blog

    by Karen Jeannette

    The Consumer Horticulture Community of Practice launched the Extension Master Gardener blog (http://blogs.extension.org/maste...) in May, 2010 to serve as a national focal and contact point for the Extension Master Gardener (EMG) program, engage EMGs in sharing knowledge across state and county lines, and to ultimately provide new opportunities to increase EMG program brand recognition.

    Generating discovery, interest, and use of the newly launched EMG blog was quickly discovered to be dependent on the ability to engage the nation’s vast network of Extension professionals (largely EMG Coordinators), EMGs, and the general gardening public either as blog post contributors, or participants in the conversation.

    Specific mention during this session will address questions, such as, how do I…
    * Increase discovery and use of my blog?
    * Use social media tools or networks to enhance engagement opportunities?
    * Attract and engage contributors from across the Cooperative Extension network?
    * Sustain a national collaborative blogging effort?

    At 9:30am to 10:15am, Wednesday 29th June

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