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Michał Zieliński

Senior Webdeveloper at Grupa Allegro bio from LinkedIn

Andreas Nebiker

Developer, strategist and notorious teamplayer bio from Twitter

Wiktor Walc

CTO, CKSource bio from Twitter

Adam Chwedyk

Front-end web developer, travels & cheap flight tickets lover bio from Twitter

rafal bromirski

designer & front-end developer / css3, html5, javascript, mobile, experiments bio from Twitter

Henri Bergius

Hacker and occasional adventurer. Author of Create.js and NoFlo. Decoupling software, one piece at a time


JavaScript Developer @Samsung R&D Center. Makes an apps on @SamsungSmartTV and mobile devices. Enthusiast of @TizenProject and @FirefoxOSFeed

Jacek Wasowski

I create cool things

Krzysiek Iwanicki

Senior Front-end Developer at Xstream


PHP Developer at @CKSource bio from Twitter

Jacek Rymski

Front-end web developer, HTML, CSS, UX, WAI and some other acronyms. :)

Phil Leggetter

Head of Developer Evangelism at @Nexmo. Author, blogger, speaker, Realtime Web Technology consultant. Co-author of @RealtimeWebApps. @BladeRunnerJS advocate.

Tobiasz Glazar

Freelance front-end & mobile developer. bio from Twitter

Andrzej Mazur

Enclave Games founder

Michał Maćkowiak

Front-end developer. Enthusiast HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other open web standards. Wordpress trainer. Organizer of @meetjs Poznań. bio from Twitter

Tomasz Kowalczyk

Web applications engineer and blogger from Poland. In a happy relationship with #Symfony2. #PHP https://github.com/thunderer bio from Twitter

Tomasz Gospodarczyk

I see a mess. 💥 bio from Twitter

Tomás Corral

Lead Web Developer and Javascript Architect at http://Softonic.com. Interested on Javascript performance, node.js and game development. bio from Twitter

Marek Szewczyk

Travel addict. Father & husband. Programmer and web developer. In constant search for the meaning of life. http://www.Axonaris.com http://www.Kasai.eu bio from Twitter

Anton Podviaznikov

digital nomad, @getrunnable, @hackerschool, @hashobject, ex-@human_api, ex-@circuithub bio from Twitter

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Zbigniew Braniecki

We-Think, Generation Y, Mozillian bio from Twitter


I only have one shade. You may know me as Graypuff on Pokémon Go. bio from Twitter

Damien C. Tanner

Web technologist. Immersed in the world of realtime with @pusher (co-founder). Also co-founded @pandastream and @newbamboo bio from Twitter

Anthony Mann

Founder of @MakeUsProud & @YLDio - Digital Product Designer - Engineer - Previously @Apple bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Tantek Çelik

Cofounder: #indieweb #barcamp @IndieWebCamp @microformats. Working @Mozilla: @CSSWG @W3CAB. Making: @Falcon @CASSISjs. #fightfortheusers & aspiring runner.

Ula Suwada

front-end developer at @Spotify bio from Twitter

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Falsy Values

Poland Poland, Warsaw

18th20th May 2011

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