Sessions at FOSDEM 2011 about OpenOffice on Sunday 6th February

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  • Liberating Open Office Development

    by Michael Meeks

    LibreOffice is the most powerful and viable Free Softare office suite, available cross-platform. As well as a few demos showing its joys, we'll understand the history, and rational behind the LibreOffice project and its relation to OpenOffice.org.

    We will survey the threat to the Free Software ecosystem that poorly managed, corporate dominated, copyright assignment based projects can cause. Then we'll get stuck into new features, our development roadmap, and how to get involved develping with it - even if you are not (yet) a super-star hacker. Come and get involved with something exciting, and help make tens of millions of user's first experience of Free Software something to be proud of.

    At 2:00pm to 2:50pm, Sunday 6th February

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