Sessions at Flash on the Beach 2011 with link on Monday 12th September

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  • Developer Console for Fun and Profit

    by Andreas Rønning

    This session goes into integrating the open source Doomsday Console with your workflow to enhance the way you, the developer, interact with your application at run-time, and give you an improved perspective on the impact of your code as it executes.

    If you ever toyed around with the developer console in any video games and thought it was rad times, this one is for you.

    If you didn't, you may still find yourself surprised at just how liberating it can be to have a trace window you can talk back to.

    Game developers may be particularly interested in this one.

    At 10:45am to 11:45am, Monday 12th September

    In Pavilion Theatre

  • Playability: Making games for kids

    by Jon Howard

    BBC Children's have a huge audience for online games. Developing games for this audience brings many different challenges. This session will explore how to approach these challenges, which mechanics work best and how to ensure engagement.

    CBBC & CBeebies have some of the biggest brands in kid's TV. Building games to supplement and enhance these brands brings the responsibility of allowing users to interact with their most loved characters. In the session there will be a deconstruction of some the biggest hitting games to find out why these have become more successful than others, and what makes them brand appropriate.

    Playability is the big overriding goal. How do you make a game as playable as it can be?

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

  • RobotLegs 2 And your Brain: A Great AS3 Toolchain

    by Stray

    Your developer toolchain doesn't begin with your choice of IDE, it starts with you: specifically your brain.

    Whether you've never heard of Robotlegs or Dependency Injection, or you're comfy with Robotlegs 1, this session will expand your understanding of:

    - how your own process works,
    - why changing practices is hard,
    - the pros and cons of frameworks,
    - the ups and downs of automated DI,
    - the architectural patterns behind Robotlegs,
    - how we used our collective brains to create Robotlegs 2,
    - and how you can get the best from (est release autumn 2011) Robotlegs 2.
    Guaranteed brain-friendly and jargon-free, this session is also relevant to anyone who releases libraries to the community, or wants to.

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Pavilion Theatre