Sessions at Flash on the Beach 2011 on Monday 12th September

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  • Opening Titles & Welcome

    by John Davey

    At 9:20am to 9:30am, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

  • Keynote

    Session to be announced.

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

  • Developer Console for Fun and Profit

    by Andreas Rønning

    This session goes into integrating the open source Doomsday Console with your workflow to enhance the way you, the developer, interact with your application at run-time, and give you an improved perspective on the impact of your code as it executes.

    If you ever toyed around with the developer console in any video games and thought it was rad times, this one is for you.

    If you didn't, you may still find yourself surprised at just how liberating it can be to have a trace window you can talk back to.

    Game developers may be particularly interested in this one.

    At 10:45am to 11:45am, Monday 12th September

    In Pavilion Theatre

  • From Zero to App in 60 Seconds!

    by Greg Rewis

    Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript are combining to move the web from the confines of the desktop onto a multitude of devices and screen sizes.

    And through the magic of the jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap frameworks, those same technologies are being used to build native applications as well.

    Join Greg Rewis, as he shows you how to implement a more "native" feel to your traditional web pages using the jQuery Mobile framework and then leverage features of the mobile device itself as you build a completely native, App-store ready, application for Android and iOS with the PhoneGap framework!

    And, yes, the session will actually take a little bit longer than 60 seconds ? because Greg talks...alot!

    At 10:45am to 11:45am, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

  • Love the Future

    by Carlos Ulloa

    During the past two years, HelloEnjoy has taken advantage of the Unity and WebGL platforms to create high-end interactive 3D work for the Web and mobile.

    Interactive Director Carlos Ulloa will showcase a selection of their pieces, walking the audience through the production of each project, sharing his thoughts about the work and showing behind the scenes demos and prototypes.

    At 10:45am to 11:45am, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

  • Playability: Making games for kids

    by Jon Howard

    BBC Children's have a huge audience for online games. Developing games for this audience brings many different challenges. This session will explore how to approach these challenges, which mechanics work best and how to ensure engagement.

    CBBC & CBeebies have some of the biggest brands in kid's TV. Building games to supplement and enhance these brands brings the responsibility of allowing users to interact with their most loved characters. In the session there will be a deconstruction of some the biggest hitting games to find out why these have become more successful than others, and what makes them brand appropriate.

    Playability is the big overriding goal. How do you make a game as playable as it can be?

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

  • RobotLegs 2 And your Brain: A Great AS3 Toolchain

    by Stray

    Your developer toolchain doesn't begin with your choice of IDE, it starts with you: specifically your brain.

    Whether you've never heard of Robotlegs or Dependency Injection, or you're comfy with Robotlegs 1, this session will expand your understanding of:

    - how your own process works,
    - why changing practices is hard,
    - the pros and cons of frameworks,
    - the ups and downs of automated DI,
    - the architectural patterns behind Robotlegs,
    - how we used our collective brains to create Robotlegs 2,
    - and how you can get the best from (est release autumn 2011) Robotlegs 2.
    Guaranteed brain-friendly and jargon-free, this session is also relevant to anyone who releases libraries to the community, or wants to.

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Pavilion Theatre

  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    by Elliot Jay Stocks

    Recent developments in web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 have allowed us to build a richer web, full of advanced visual treatments like web fonts, animations, transformations, and drop-shadows.

    But have we got carried away with our new toys? Just because we can use a drop-shadow doesn't mean we have to. In this new and often controversial talk, Elliot looks at solid design principles that will turn a good website into a great website, examines the scenarios where it's better to stay away from unnecessary visual effects, and attempts to find the sweet spot in between the two extremes.

    'With great power comes great responsibility,' said Uncle Ben, and Spidey hadn't even used border-radius!

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

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  • Flash 11: Get Ready For GameTime

    by Rob Bateman

    Like a phoenix rising from a pile of brand website corpses, Flash 11 could potentially hail a renaissance for Adobe in the way people think about and use the Flash Player.

    The main component of the release is the much talked about Molehill APIs that allow Flash direct access to the GPU grunt once the preserve of desktop-only development. It is from here we see the seeds of change being sown - most applicably in the field of browser-based gaming.

    But this is far from the end of the story. With the possibility of fast paced graphics now thrown wide open, what new horizons are we looking at for Flash? And where do we turn for the tools, techniques and frameworks that will grant us the ability to harness this power?

    At the London-based educational apps startup Mindshapes, Rob Bateman and his team have been finding out the hard way... with surprising results.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Pavilion Theatre

  • Idea to Interface

    by Aarron Walter

    When you're working for the man, it's hard to find time to make something fun for yourself.

    You've got ideas swimming around in your head for your next website or app, but translating abstract thoughts into a usable, successful interface is no easy task.

    Should you wireframe, prototype, or both? How do you know if your idea is even worth building?

    Aarron will share practical advice from the interface design school of hard knocks that will help you make your ideas a reality.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

  • Tron GFX

    by Bradley G Munkowitz

    For the last 14 months, Munkowitz and a team of 5 graphic all-stars infiltrated Digital Domain's vfx pipeline and pushed through over 8 minutes of onScreen graphics for the film TRON Legacy. They used every technique they could pull together, including building standalone graphic applications using openFrameworks, employing high-end Cinema4d mograph animation, particle-based Houdini simulations and heaps of traditional graphic design..

    This session will present case studies of their major graphic sequences in the film, and share the immense design process of each task.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

  • Lettering is not Fonts

    by Jessica Hische

    Jessica Hische has compiled an impressive portfolio encompassing illustration, lettering, and commercial typefaces.

    She is recognized as one of today's most influential emerging voices in typographic design.

    In her session, Jessica will give an overview of the lettering and type design industries, discuss why we're all responsible for keeping specialized industries alive, show a fair amount of pretty pictures, and probably curse a lot.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

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  • Multi-Platform Web Video Delivery

    by Rich Shupe

    Welcome to 1997! Just when you thought platform and browser compatibility issues were behind you, along comes HTML5.

    Despite the Kool-Aid flying off the shelves, HTML5 is not an author-once solution. In fact, when it comes to video, the only consistent thing about it is the <video> tag.

    Different browsers support different video codecs, meaning that one video won't currently play in all major browsers. That is, unless you use Flash. Problem solved? No!

    Even if you can rely on a plugin architecture for your video playback needs, iOS devices (for example) don't currently support Flash. That means that iPhone and iPad users can't view Flash content and you're back to picking sides.

    Unfortunately, it's up to you to deal with this compatibility mine field. This session will try to discuss different ways to optimize video delivery for multiple platforms and playback technologies.

    We'll discuss popular video codecs like Theora, H.264, and WebM, and speculate about the evolving HTML5 specification.

    We'll also show you how to code a flexible playback solution that will use HTML5 and Flash to present video to the widest possible audience.

    We don't know exactly what will happen in the future of web delivery, but we can use the knowledge we have today to make things easier for ourselves and our audiences.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

  • Natural Features Tracking and Image Pattern Detection/Recognition

    by Eugene Zatepyakin

    The session will cover fast and efficient ways to detect image feature points that can be used to localize predefined image patterns.

    This technique brings large amount of possibilities, from simple images and panorama apps to markerless Augmented Reality.

    I will also show some Molehill Flash Player based examples using my latest project ASFEAT/IN2AR, new 3D API brings lots of new features and allows some interesting experiments.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Monday 12th September

    In Pavilion Theatre

  • ProStress or the Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge

    by Han Hoogerbrugge

    Hoogerbrugge will talk about his personal art projects and his commercial work as an illustrator, animator, music clip director, in no particular order.

    Most of the time Hoogerbrugge doesn't think about what he is doing but his work seems to be pretty consistent none the less.

    He is a true ProStress man, a man of cultivated tastes and primitive impulses that one senses is equally comfortable holding a Martini or a machete!

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome

  • A Short Talk About Working And Not Working And How To Waste Your Time Proficiently

    by Jon Burgerman

    This talk will be a whistle stop tour of Jon's influences, infatuations, experimentations and revelations.

    Jon will entertain and embarrass, divulge and dissect, reflect and revolt over the last ten years of his successful career and explain why he's doing all he can to make sure the next ten years will be different.

    It's a talk about work and life. You only have one life and you'll probably end up working for most of it, which is kind of tragic.

    At 8:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday 12th September

    In Brighton Dome