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  • Get excited and build things!

    by Christian Heilmann

    Over the last few years the internet has taken over. It is not a geek thing or something for university researchers. It is in our homes, on our mobile phones, on our tablets and even in our game consoles and TV sets. With that much exposure comes a lot of advertising and everybody wants a slice of its fame. The trick to make the best out of it is to jump right into it and not fall for the siren song of advertisers telling you that their product is what makes it work for you. All the web technologies that deliver the magic are open and have been proven for years. It is up to you to grab them, shake the box and find out how they work. In this session Chris Heilmann of Mozilla shows how being open and being interested helped his career and how you can find talent, build cool products and make a living through being excited and interested in the tech behind the media.

    At 9:05am to 9:45am, Tuesday 4th October

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