Sessions at FOWA Vegas 2011 about Open Source on Tuesday 28th June

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  • The GitHub Effect: Forking Your Way to Better Code

    by Tom Preston-Werner

    Over the last three years we have seen a massive shift of open source projects moving to the distributed version control system Git, most of which are hosted on GitHub. At GitHub we’ve made it simple to “fork” any open source project you like. This means that potential contributors can experiment with code without having to jump through the hoops inherent in centralized hosting models. This approach has lead to what we call The GitHub effect—an explosion in contributions to open source software that embraces the forking model. In this talk I will speak in detail about what this phenomenon means for the future of the open source community and what other ideas we have for making it even better.

    At 9:50am to 10:30am, Tuesday 28th June