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Editor of net magazine, curator of Generate conf

Greg Hoyna

Head of UX Design and User Insight at The Scottish Government

Tim Maggs


Ulf Walter-Laufs

UX/UI Engineer @trivago bio from Twitter

Conor MacNeill

Adventurer, travel and landscape photographer, martial arts instructor and web developer.

Luke Murphy

Antipodean creative, sitting somewhere between design, development and digital PR. Co-founder of Wax & Stamp and DJ/promoter at Early Doors Disco

Liz Elcoate

Freelance web, graphic and UI designer, co-host of the @thefreelanceweb podcast, sometime speaker & full time dilettante. Living in Norfolk. Mad dog lady bio from Twitter

Pete Hotchkin

Interaction Designer, User Experience Specialist, hockey player and general adrenaline junkie! Working @redgate as a UX Specialist bio from Twitter


Part-time geek. bio from Twitter

Bruno Monteiro

User Interface Designer and Front-end Developer. Craftsman of usable, simple and functional websites.

Patrick Heck

Green Designer and Developer from Germany. bio from Twitter

Anna-Kay Williams

London based UX/UR designer with some illustration to boot. Talking mostly design, and sometimes the occasional randomness bio from Twitter

Milan van Bruggen

Graphic Designer, WordPress Consultant and Brand Inventor from Zwolle, The Netherlands. bio from Twitter

James Rice

Designer of MoMA nominated Chromaroma. I make digital products and playful designs. Work under the name of @studiogutsy bio from Twitter

Vikki Read

I like code, music, coffee, travel, bikram yoga, half-arsed paleo, languages + learning stuff. Giggly, nerdy, enthusiastic. Overly fond of regular expressions. bio from Twitter

Valentin Likyov

Senior User Experience Designer in Web Presence UX Team @ Telerik Inc.

Mikael Hjelm

Interaction designer & other digital stuff at Giv akt. bio from Twitter

Jib - UpShot

French founder at work, RoR developper, passionate about design and rock'n'roll. Check @upshot and @studiomelipone and drop me a tweet! bio from Twitter

Laura Kalbag

Designer at Ind.ie, making Better. Mostly on about web, ethics, accessibility, privacy, dev, and walks with Osky the huskamute. Older than I look. Not cleverer.

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Abbey Smalley

Senior UX Designer at Perficient | Speaker | All around nice midwestern gal bio from Twitter

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Dan Rhatigan

Type designer, zine publisher, awkward shy person bio from Twitter

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Ian Stewart

I lead the WordPress.com Theme Team for the ever-awesome Automattic. I'm probably thinking about WordPress themes right this very minute. bio from Twitter

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Steph Hay

big hair bio from Twitter


Entrepreneur, rower and University of Cambridge alumni. Founder of Ink. bio from Twitter


Jack of some trades bio from Twitter

Jason Hibbs

Creative Director of a humble digital agency, otherwise maker of 2D things. bio from Twitter

Russell Bishop

Tibetan Skull Prints. bio from Twitter

Matt Kempster

19... Currently working for myself on design/web stuff... Living and studying in London (at LCC) from September... bio from Twitter

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Martin Beeby

Developer Evangelist at Oracle. Previously at Microsoft. bio from Twitter

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