Sessions at Future of Web Design 2011 about User Experience

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Tuesday 17th May 2011

  • Extreme Design — Secrets to Successful Design Pairing

    by Samuel Mikel Bowles

    Trust, cooperation, leadership, humility, and some thick skin are all elemental to the alchemy of successful design pairing. Samuel Bowles will explore his successes and failures in design pairing since the late 90s. His observations will be rooted in day-to-day project work and explained through specific stories and experiences building software products in cross-diciplinary teams.

    At 1:50pm to 2:30pm, Tuesday 17th May

  • Making the New Everyday Things

    by Aral Balkan

    We are the makers of the new everyday things. We design and develop the virtual pens, telephones, newspapers, calendars, and door-handles that people interact with every single day. We are the virtual architects and the products that we design and develop have the power to determine whether people have a good day or a bad day.

    In this session, Aral Balkan will outline the important role that experience design plays in the making of virtual products and inspire you to see that it is your job – regardless of whether you make web sites, mobile apps, intranet systems, or ticket machines – to make this new world that we are crafting together not only usable and accessible but beautiful, fun, inspiring, pleasurable, delightful, and – dare I say – magical.

    At 5:00pm to 5:40pm, Tuesday 17th May

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Wednesday 18th May 2011

  • Bullet Proof Communication Techniques: A UX Strategist's Guide

    by Sarah B Nelson

    The practice of user experience has grown more sophisticated, produced higher quality online products, and gained wider acceptance beyond the design community. Still, so many potentially wonderful experiences disappoint and many talented design teams are excluded from decisions that fundamentally affect the experience. Why? Two words: ineffective communication.

    Attendees will learn specific, proven techniques that can be applied in their own work environment to streamline communication and build more team cohesion. Sarah will present a variety of tools and strategies that have proven useful and highly effective for building arguments, communicating clearly with stakeholders, building trust, and gaining a seat at the strategic table.

    Attendees will leave empowered to apply these techniques in their own practice and develop their own tools to suit their personality and work environment.

    At 4:00pm to 4:40pm, Wednesday 18th May

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