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Dean Holden

Senior FE Developer

Ben Foxall

I like stuff. bio from Twitter

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Phil Hawksworth

Web geek, skier, coffee lover, bad dancer. Technical Director at R/GA

Sam Blowes

Javascript Developer

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

Christos Zisopoulos

repentant g[r]eek, ageing hacker, and a neophyte father

Edocuments Ltd

Edocuments provide record documentation and software for the construction industry. BREEAM, LEED, BIM, O&M, Health & Safety, Building Log Books, Soft Landings.. bio from Twitter

Tony Denyer

Still learning

Thomas Bassetto ☕

The Open Web is my hammer and everything looks like a nail.

Chris Price

JavaScript++ bio from Twitter

Tobias Reiss

Proud Dad. TDD, Developer at Adobe. WebKit committer. iOS Dev with my sunshine @madamelerenoir

Jill Irving

Slightly more of a geek than a designer, but definitely agile. I work for ThoughtWorks and do/consult about front-end web development and mobile. bio from Twitter

Matt Andrews

Creative technologist at @BBC Digital Guerrillas. Ex @guardian. Writer, developer, music nerd, cyclist. Run a music zine at @scenepointblank. All views mine.


Freelance Front End Developer

Joe Holdcroft

Freelance consultant & developer bio from Twitter

Saqib Shaikh

Software engineer at Microsoft, using technology to build a more inclusive world. Tech Lead for Seeing AI (http://seeingai.com). bio from Twitter

Isac Lagerblad

Sighted screen reader user that loves minimalistic, accessible and semantic markup. bio from Twitter

russ freeman

Web Dev - Plays guitar in Red Nettle bio from Twitter

Stoo Goff

The bastard love child of Brian Blessed and Patrick Stewart. bio from Twitter

Ross Bruniges

Beer enthusiast. Mozilla web developer.

Tony To

Swims, Cycles, Runs, Drinks coffee. Formerly Tech at @pactcoffee. Currently taking a break. bio from Twitter

Jeremy Selier

Web Developer at @Google — Cultural Institute bio from Twitter

Rob Hudson

Entrepreneurship, Technology, Social Media, Business Ideas, Having Fun :) Geckoboard CTO. bio from Twitter

Jason Lee

REMAINER. British/Australian developer and entrepreneur based in London, UK. Founder of @rotaville & @big_first_name bio from Twitter

Aaron Mc Adam

Crafting user delight with React, Redux and Node with sprinklings of functional programming. ❤ Ramda. bio from Twitter

Rebecca Murphey

Software Engineer at Indeed

James Moss

Engineering at @simpplr bio from Twitter

Andrew Betts

Devrel for @fastly. Also @w3ctag, @polyfillio. Still love the @FT. Once described as "not entirely wrong" by @slightlylate bio from Twitter

Melanie Klein

fluent in Python, JS, Java, Swedish, English and German bio from Twitter

Alex Russell

Bringing the web platform into the late-90's, one spec at a time.

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