Sessions at Geekup Doncaster 7 about source code management and Version Control

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  • Git For Cowards

    by Tim Duckett

    We all know that backups are a Good Thing, right? You DO backup your work, don't you?

    But what if you could combine backups with the ultimate in Ctrl-Z undo-and-fix-the-monumental-cockup-you've-just-made, together with version tracking, sharing and el-neato throwaway "what happens if I just try this" branching?

    Source code management isn't just for hairy hardcore C++ software engineers. It can save your life (or at least your work) even if you're just a lowly web coder.

    In this lightning introduction to source code management using Git, Tim (himself a lowly web coder) will attempt to convince you that while backups are Good, Git is Even Better.

    Coverage slide deck