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Anwar Ahmed

LBS Ad's, Mobile Apps, Smartphone OS(BREW, bada, Symbian, WP7), Billing, Voice Codec, Start-Up bio from Twitter


I'm not into hadoop and not into mapping. I am pure consciousness. One of the @walksio creators. bio from Twitter

Spiros Denaxas

Cogito ergo jaunteo bio from Twitter

Martin Poschenrieder

CEO and Co-Founder @tryHiMom @tipgain_app bio from Twitter


Head of Mobile @nolteundlauth, dad, car addict bio from Twitter

Anil Bawa-Cavia

Amateur. Tech at @artsy. bio from Twitter

Claire Ellul

Lecturer in Geographical Information Science @ UCL. Interests: 3D GIS, Spatial Data Infrastructures, INSPIRE, Metadata, Web & Mobile http://jiscg3.blogspot.com bio from Twitter

Edward Fisher

Remote Sensing MSc Student @ UCL bio from Twitter

Alistair Leak

PhD student studying at UCL's SECReT, Blog and Tweet about my research into #Demographics, #Crime, #GeoVis and #Cartography. Author of Cartopedia Blog. bio from Twitter

David Mountain

Developer, Tech Director of Placr (placr.co.uk), Consultant (whereconsulting.co.uk). My buzzword bingo full house is {mobile, geo, location, LBS, GIS} bio from Twitter

Claudio Weeraratne

Senior Search Product Manager at @Tesco. Italian expat in London. Delivering relevant content since 1984. bio from Twitter

David Stevens

Senior User Experience Researcher and Digital Business Consultant. Love sushi but scared of live fish... bio from Twitter

Rich Johnston

UX Consultant @webcredible bio from Twitter


I make beautiful geo web apps. Mostly front-end dev, but also full-stack Rails & JS-based frameworks. #globaldev #Agile

Christopher Osborne

Big data, visualisation, maps, product. Founded WhereCampEU. Ex Digital Advisor to Mayor of London. Product Manager at http://Booking.com bio from Twitter

Chris Connell

CEO at Mixer. @appmixer. Partner @conjure http://www.chrisconnell.me bio from Twitter

Nikita Korotaev

Building technologies at http://lectrio.com & http://glocalpartners.com bio from Twitter


founder of @citymapper & other sheenanigans bio from Twitter

Andy Allan

Founder of http://thunderforest.com, creator of http://OpenCycleMap.org and general http://OpenStreetMap.org veteran bio from Twitter

Alexander Kachkaev

Senior Design Researcher at @Woods_Bagot; OpenStreetMap fan. PhD in GIS (@giCentre, City University London). Tweets in Russian: @kachkaev_ru. Views are my own. bio from Twitter


web/geo developer. Working for http://opencorporates.com @opencorporates + @OpenStreetMap enthusiast and volunteer. bio from Twitter

Derick Rethans

PHP internals person, author of Xdebug; OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast. Works as PHP Engineer/Evangelist on MongoDB.

Elena Yegorova

to make a difference bio from Twitter

David Lowe

Wine-obsessed geek (http://bigpinots.com/) & coach, trainer, mentor, author (http://scrumandkanban.co.uk/) bio from Twitter

Thura Z. Maung

Data Analyst and Web/Mobile Content Dev., interest areas - machine learning, mobile payment, humanoid robotics, open source.data.privacy and photo publishing.

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