Sessions at GoGaRuCo 2011 about Sass and CSS

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Saturday 17th September 2011

  • Sass: The future of stylesheets

    by Chris Eppstein

    Let’s face it. CSS is dumb. There is no such thing as a DRY CSS file and stylesheets are often the biggest blemish in an otherwise beautifully coded app. Sass is the future of stylesheets. Rails 3.1 includes it by default and the W3C is adding concepts from Sass to CSS itself. This talk will cover the rationale behind Sass, the language features it provides, and best practices you can apply to start untangling your stylesheets. Chris Eppstein, the creator of Compass and Sass core team member will present.

    At 10:30am to 11:00am, Saturday 17th September

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