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Sebastian Thiele

Kind der 80er aufgewachsen ohne Internet und das muss jetzt kompensiert werden. Der Geek in mir lässt sich nicht verstecken. Jetzt auch mit Kinderwagen.

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Chris Chabot

Head of International Developer & Platform Relations @ Twitter. Former Googler, startup founder; Photographer, Traveler & Explorer.

Jeroen Ooms

Frontend developer & Incentronaut @incentro_ | 1985 | Lefthanded | Nerd | Blogger | Mobile | Gadgets | Comics | Movies | Travel | Running | Recruitment Ipsum bio from Twitter

Giorgos Giannoutsos

geek · dad bio from Twitter

Al Sutton

Company director for many years, and coder for longer than that.


Ruby, JavaScript, FOSS, Diversity, ThoughtWorks bio from Twitter

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Nick Butcher

Android Developer Advocate at Google


web & mobile dev

Arne Handt

Exploring collective intelligence and individual stupidity bio from Twitter

Andreas Cappell

Lead Product & Design @werkenntwen. Brother of 5.

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Richard Hyndman

Geek(youup), Swag Badger and Android Developer Advocate at Google

Alex Kulikov

Frontend Engineer


I'm a computer science student and web developer from Leipzig/Germany. bio from Twitter

Jacek Wasowski

I create cool things

Martin Kleppe

Mapper. Reducer. – Co-Founder of @Ubilabs, Organizer of @HHjs and @JSUnconf, Code-Golfing at aem1k.com

Andre Jay Meissner

Metalhead @AdobeXD, goes by Jay. Wood processing. Building stuff. Passionate DIR diver. Fuelling http://IxDAberlin.de @IxDAb + http://OpenDeviceLab.com @ODL


Software Engineer @ SoundCloud


Blogger, Developer and Artificial intelligence researcher with focus on Natural Language Understanding bio from Twitter


trying to get rid of heavy hardware: http://www.cloudware.it bio from Twitter

Nenad V. Nikolić

Pattern-seeking since PRINT Hello world. Working on @xing_com API and on search soon. Hacker, dancer, player.

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Matt Ward

YouTube Seek Bar Engineer / web developer and designer / skier / surfer / Columbia graduate bio from Twitter

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Greg Schechter

Web Warrior

Horst Gutmann

Software developer at Netconomy Software & Consulting, Python & Go fanboy, web developer, amateuer Sony NEX-6 carrier...

Thomas Steiner

Dad-of-three, Googler, PhD Student at UPC.edu, Semantic Web & Linked Data, Multimedia Semantics Researcher, REST, HTML5, Web-a-better-place-maker, Blogger bio from Twitter

Markus Guenther

TYPO3 Developer and loving  products... bio from Twitter


I like my dog Laika, Caffeine, long walks on the beach and at least one party a week. I'm the Head of Development at Tupalo.com bio from Twitter

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Mihai Ionescu

GOOG (Chrome, Commerce, Desktop), MSFT (IE, .NET), UC Berkeley (MBA), UCSB (MS) bio from Twitter

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Peng Ying

Google Checkout/Calender Dev @Google, GWT/Appengine tinkerer bio from Twitter

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