Sessions at Google I/O 2011 about Accessibility

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Tuesday 10th May 2011

  • Leveraging Android Accessibility APIs To Create An Accessible Experience

    by Tim Credo, Charles Chen and T.V. Raman

    The Android framework includes a set of easy-to-use APIs that enables the creation of third-party accessibility services such as screenreaders for the blind. In this talk, we'll give an overview of the Accessibility API, describe some of the most widely used services, and explain how to fully unlock the accessibility potential of the Android platform.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Tuesday 10th May

    In Room 9, Moscone West

  • Accessibility: Building Products that Everyone Can Use

    by Naomi Black, Steve Jacobs, Jaehong Chon and Erin Rosenthal

    Whether your users are blind, deaf, dyslexic, or simply driving a car, making apps accessible provides a richer experience for all. Using examples and demos, we'll give you an overview of what it means to make web and Android applications accessible. You'll see that accessible doesn't mean boring.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Tuesday 10th May

    In Room 7, Moscone West

Wednesday 11th May 2011