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Saturday 9th July 2011

  • The Fallacy of Microlibs

    by Yehuda Katz

    These days, the idea that large JavaScript applications should be built on top of tiny, independently developed libraries is all the rage. The argument goes that with the latency requirements of mobile devices, we can't afford to ship code that we're not using. Like Unix, the argument goes, small libraries designed to do one thing and one thing well are the way to go.

    There's another way. In this talk, Yehuda will provide an alternative approach to thinking about developing large JavaScript applications, the approach the SproutCore team is using for developing SproutCore 2.0. He will explain why 5k vs. 1MB is a false dilemma, and why framing the discussion that way is crowding out good solutions in the JavaScript community's marketplace of ideas.

    We're still in the early days of building rich applications in JavaScript. Now's the time to learn from those who came before us, not the time to prematurely declare that small incremental changes to the existing browser-based programming models are all we need.

    At 4:50pm to 5:30pm, Saturday 9th July