Sessions at GOTO Amsterdam 2011 about .NET

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Thursday 13th October 2011

  • .NET for Experts: ASP.NET MVC 3 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems

    by Shay Friedman

    The ASP.NET MVC framework has been around for more than two year now and has been constantly gaining popularity since then. However, despite that fact a lot of MVC developers are not aware of various hidden gems that can make their development experience much easier and nicer. In this session we will go through some of those which were added in the latest version – ASP.NET MVC 3.

    At 1:20pm to 2:10pm, Thursday 13th October

  • .NET for Experts: Developers have a mental disorder

    by Greg Young

    We as developers have many biases that often we need to take a step back from in order to gain perspective. This session will deliberately go after many of our sacred cows and show how they are really just us over-optimizing a belief. All of these lead to a single generalized rule and a strategy for how to avoid these situations.

    Keywords: IOC, DRY, Patterns, Frameworks, Insanity

    At 2:30pm to 3:20pm, Thursday 13th October

  • .NET for Experts: A new way to build web things with OpenRasta and OpenWrap

    by Seb Lambla

    A lot can be said about productivity when it comes to building web sites and applications. A lot more will be said about the new developer experience that OpenWrap and OpenRasta provide when combined. Come discover how dependency management, templates, tooling and resource-oriented web development combine to provide an innovative way of building sites and services, on .net, today.

    At 3:50pm to 4:40pm, Thursday 13th October

Friday 14th October 2011

  • Architecture: Apriori data mining in the cloud

    by Jan Neerbek

    Data mining, the problem of finding patterns in big datasets is both computational, storage and communicational intensive. And so it would seem to be an ideal candidate for moving to the cloud, right? In this talk we look at a case study where the Azure platform was chosen and on-site market basket analysis solution ported to .NET. We look at the families of solutions and point to their respective strengths and weaknesses. After the talk you should be better armed to choose between different tradeoffs in cloud solutions.

    Keywords: Cloud, Distributed computing, Scaling, Apriori, data mining, Market Basket Analysis, FP-Growth, Azure, .NET.
    Target audience: This talk is targeted at developers and other professionals who need to make solution decisions for cloud based applications. If you think that Data Mining is cool, you are invited too.

    At 3:50pm to 4:40pm, Friday 14th October