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Friday 14th October 2011

  • Apache: Introduction to Solr

    by Erik Hatcher

    Apache Solr serves search requests at the enterprises and the largest companies around the world. Built on top of the top-notch Apache Lucene library, Solr makes indexing and searching integration into your applications straightforward. Solr provides faceted navigation, spell checking, highlighting, clustering, grouping, and other search features. Solr also scales query volume with replication and collection size with distributed capabilities. Solr can index rich documents such as PDF, Word, HTML, and other file types.

    Come learn how you can get your content into Solr and integrate it into your applications!

    At 11:30am to 12:20pm, Friday 14th October

  • Search: Apache Lucene - a library retrieving data for millions of users

    by Simon Willnauer

    Apache Lucene is used for large variety of usecases from Mobile Phonesto massive scale applications like Twitter. Within the last decadeLucene has grown to the most widely used OpenSource Search Library andstill growing. This session introduces Apache Lucene and itseco-system from a technical point of view. I will introduce the mainimprovements in the upcoming release, the main building blocks used tobuild flexible & large scale search components and explain how theLucene Community maintains its high-quality, stability andperformance.

    Keywods: Java, Lucene, Enterprise Search, Framework, Testing, Information Retrieval
    Target Audience: This talk should be of interest to engineersinterested in open-source search technology, frameworks and testing.

    At 1:20pm to 2:10pm, Friday 14th October

  • Search: Beyond Faceting

    by Anne Veling

    How to use the powerful faceting engine of Solr to visualize large data collections to help in the discovery and exploration of information.

    At 2:30pm to 3:20pm, Friday 14th October

  • Search: Realtime Search At Twitter

    by Michael Busch

    At Twitter we serve more than 1.5 billion queries per day from Lucene indexes, while appending more than 200 million tweets per day in realtime. Additionally we recently launched image, video and relevance search on the same engine.
    This talk will outline Twitter's search architecture and explain the modifications we made to Lucene to support realtime search.

    Keywords: lucene, realtime search, twitter
    Target Audience: advanced, technical

    At 3:50pm to 4:40pm, Friday 14th October