Sessions at GOTO Amsterdam 2011 about Agile and Scrum on Friday 14th October

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  • Agile: Stop Pushing Scrum

    by Michael Franken

    We're seeing too many pitiful implementations of Scrum. Cases where Scrum is viewed as a set of simple practices, which are imposed on the development team. Without any connection to the business and no urge to serve customers early and continuously through valuable software. By playing a game 'live on stage' and explaining how to use Lean's pull system, we're making a point to use Scrum with more guts, more fun, more impact and more results! When time allows we'll show a very successful large scale Scrum implementation in the Netherlands.

    Keywords: Scrum, Lean, Fun, Game, Agile, Results
    Target audience: All Managers, their managers and everyone reporting to managers.

    At 10:20am to 11:10am, Friday 14th October