Sessions at GOTO Aarhus 2011 with write-up on Tuesday 11th October

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  • Fast, easy usability tricks for big product improvements

    by Chris Nodder

    Usability is fashionable now, but how do you get some for your product? Learn the lightweight techniques that are used by Lean Startups, Agile teams and many time-crunched organizations.
    • Quickly and cheaply find some users to watch
    • Interpret what they tell you without bias. Get to the root of their problems
    • Share your observations in a way that the whole team can understand
    • Tools to move from observation to design – design charrettes, paper prototypes
    • Tools to move from design to code – data driven development

    At 1:20pm to 2:10pm, Tuesday 11th October

  • Who are You? Who am I? Who is Anybody?

    by Paul Downey

    One of the most difficult decisions in developing a Web site is how to manage user identity. As a user you have to assess the implications of connecting your Twitter or Facebook user to other random services. Meanwhile, enterprises are challenged to evaluate ever more magical products for connecting their silos with other silos, often in direct conflict with any desire for a RESTful architecture. Did innovation in authentication on the Web stop at usernames, passwords, and the HTTP Cookie? Does Firesheep mean you should serve everything over HTTPS? What happened to OpenID? Can outsourcing your userbase to Twitter, Facebook, Google or some other commercial entity really be a good idea?

    This talk has some answers, but mostly offers a wide-ranging and opinionated tour of the current state of identity on the Web. There will be URIs and angle-brackets, but mostly anecdotes involving venn diagrams, famous bridges, self-destructing kiosks and quantum computers.

    Keywords: Web, REST, Identity, PKI, SAML, VRM, UMA, XAuth, OpenID, OAuth, Webfinger.
    Audience: Anyone who wants to build a Web site, or uses the Web, or has to talk to Enterprise Architects about the Web.

    At 2:30pm to 3:20pm, Tuesday 11th October