Gamification Summit NYC schedule

Thursday 15th September 2011

  • Introduction and Opening Remarks: Why Gamification?

    by Gabe Zichermann

    At 9:00am to 9:15am, Thursday 15th September

  • Keynote: Making Retail Fun Again: Lessons in Engagement from GiltGroupe

    by Divya Gugnani and Alexandra W. Wilson

    Retail is changing. Today’s consumer is savvy, deal-centric and socially driven. Building engagement and keeping the experience fresh is more important than ever before. Few companies have been more successful at this than Gilt Groupe, the pioneer in luxury-driven social flash sales. For millions, Gilt made shopping fun again, bringing back surprise, delight, status and sociability with astonishing results. In this unprecedented, intimate discussion, Alexandra Wilkins, co-founder of Gilt, discusses the secrets of building fun and engagement into the retail experience, shares her vision for the future of millennial-driven shopping and how to build an industry-leading loyalty program without giving discounts or free merchandise.

    At 9:15am to 9:45am, Thursday 15th September

  • Real vs Virtual Rewards: The Battle Over Consumer Motivation

    by Samantha Skey, Christine Lagorio, Irving Fain, Kris Duggan and Brian Wong

    Loyalty programs have historically offered physical-world rewards, and the traditional wisdom says that consumers must be able to earn real goods to be satisfied. Many even argue that location-based networks like Foursquare won’t reach their full potential until they can offer tangible benefits. But is this true? Social and video games rarely offer free things as rewards, choosing to use the physical world as a revenue source (e.g. offers) instead of as a redemption path. Hear from companies on the leading edge – and on both sides of the debate – share their experience, research and data, and learn how you can best design your rewards system to take advantage of changing consumer behavior.

    At 9:45am to 10:40am, Thursday 15th September

  • Community Rules: Using Gamification to Drive Publishing and Community Engagement

    by Michael Ahern, Greg Johnson, Rajat Paharia, Esteban Contreras, Jesse Redniss and Brandon Evans

    What do Twitter, democracy and crowdsourcing have in common? The answer is you. Community has shown to be extremely powerful in driving engagement with traditional campaigns and entertainment outlets. Once the domain of fan made content and independent websites, media brands have begun to give notice to their supportive community through gamified campaigns and community management. In return, businesses have an invaluable source of opinion and information in order to shape their own products. Beat the GMAT, USA Networks, and Bunchball share insight in how to successfully manage and support a community.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Thursday 15th September

  • Engaging Consumers in Finance: the Mint.com Example

    by Aaron Forth

    Can tracking finances, managing budgets and saving money be fun? Mint.com figured out a way to not only build an easy-to-use personal finance website, but to attract more than 6 million users since launching in 2007 – 90 percent whom say they have changed their financial habits as a result of using the service. In this session, Aaron Forth (VP and GM of Intuit Personal Finance) will share how Mint.com has made personal finance fun and engaging through design and gamification, and how other companies can learn from the Mint.com model.

    At 11:00am to 11:30am, Thursday 15th September

  • Bringing Games to the Enterprise: How Microsoft Ribbon Hero Makes Productivity Engaging

    by Sarah Faulkner

    Gamification is a hot topic in the enterprise, with Gartner Group predicting over 50% of the world’s largest companies will be actively gamifying by 2015. As the use of game techniques picks up in Corporate America, we can learn what works and what doesn’t for engaging users in a B2B setting from market-leader Microsoft, now in its second iteration of Ribbon Hero. With millions of users playing to interact with its Office suite, Microsoft has pulled off a coup – making a “utility” experience fun and engaging. Find out how they did it, the key B2B lessons and the key techniques for successfully getting Gamification into your enterprise in this candid case study.

    At 12:45pm to 1:15pm, Thursday 15th September

  • The Games Jihadis Play: Extremism, Recruitment and Gamification

    by Alix Levine

    Alix Levine, Director of Research at Cronus Global, examines the development and structure of online extremist communities. Many of today’s extremists interact within a subculture supported by online forums and bulletin boards. Many of these communities have begun to use gamified techniques to submerge visitors in the community, often with the goal of indoctrination. Alix Levine shares a few lessons in power of gamification as a tool, and the importance of open and ethical use of these powerful techniques.

    At 12:45pm to 1:15pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Gamification Law: Formula for Success

    by James Gatto

    In this rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment, new issues are arising weekly, and there’s a lot you need to know to manage risk. From bank secrecy to gift card laws to the local, national and international stage, gamification is rewriting the legal landscape. Hear from James Gatto, Partner at Pillsbury, Winthrop, and one of the world’s leading experts on this topic. He will share his expert knowledge of the latest risks, opportunities and strategies to manage virtual goods, economies and communities in our gamified world.

    At 1:15pm to 2:00pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Gamifying the Enterprise: Performance Enhancing Game Mechanics

    by Obie Fernandez, Mario Herger, Charlie Kim, Byron Reeves, Maksim Ovsyannikov and Kes Sampanthar

    Large enterprises and innovative startups are constantly seeking ways to attract, retain, train and incentivize the top-performing employees. Increasingly, they are turning to Gamification as a technique for accomplishing that goal, often with astonishing results. Whether it’s real-time feedback to check out clerks, or 360 degree evaluations with virtual rewards and badges, the innovations just keep coming. Find out how the enterprise sets the standard for training and employee engagement, and how you can leverage this in your organization.

    At 1:15pm to 1:55pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Loyalty Goes Virtual: Driving Behavior with Gamified Rewards & Location

    by Geoffrey Lewis

    Location-Based Networks like Foursquare, MyTown and Facebook Places are transforming how consumers engage with retail, brands, travel and each other. At the leading edge, these apps are reinventing loyalty programs, bringing rewards to small merchants and connecting existing programs to the virtual world. Can we cut through the hype and understand how check-ins and location-aware networks will affect brands? What are the most innovative players doing today, and what does the future hold for this approach? How can you leverage the power of gamification and location to create unprecedented engagement? Hear the inside scoop and vision from Geoff Lewis, founder and CEO of TopGuest, the visionary connecting traditional loyalty programs with location-based consumer behavior.

    At 2:15pm to 2:45pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Keynote: Big Media & Real Life: Gamifying the World for Fun & Engagement

    by Susan Bonds

    Building interactive, viral and engaging gamified experiences isn’t just for the online world. If you do it right, you can get millions of people to spend days, months and even years playing with you in the real world. Hear the secrets of how to engage consumers offline from the visionary and undisputed master designer of real world games, Susan Bonds. Susan is the force behind Flynn Lives (Tron Legacy), I Love Bees (Halo), and dozens of other blockbuster ARGs. Her group has helped major media companies reinvent their marketing campaigns and motivated millions of consumers to play around the world. Susan will share her insights on how to design engagement for the real world, a must-attend session for anyone looking to motivate in-store or location-based consumer behavior.

    At 3:15pm to 3:45pm, Thursday 15th September

  • SuperBetter: Unleashing Heroic Potential for Health

    by Sean Beanen

    How can a game help you achieve your health goals or recover from injury or illness? See how games can help users face life’s toughest challenges in this inspiring demonstration of SuperBetter from the creative minds at Social Chocolate.

    At 3:45pm to 4:00pm, Thursday 15th September

  • AXA Equitable's Pass It On!

    by Connie O'Brien

    At 4:00pm to 4:15pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Behaviour Change: Improving Lives & Increasing Longevity with Gamification

    by Libe Goad, Stephen Kimmel, Ron Gutman, Robert Plourde, Dan Brostek and Andres Moran

    Changing consumer behavior in health and wellness has been one of the most challenging areas of motivational gamification. Recent successes – and an extraordinary amount of investment and interest – are driving a renewed belief that Gamification and the “quantified self” can change seemingly intractable behaviors. But are these results real and lasting, or are they temporary and situational? What can marketers, product designers and practitioners learn from the gamification lessons of the health industry and how can those be applied to other domains? These and other questions will be answered by these esteemed – and uniquely experienced – panelists.

    At 4:30pm to 5:15pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Social Meets Gamification: Badgeville Success Stories & Social Fabric Demo

    by Steve Sims

    Badgeville, the leader in social loyalty and smart gamification, will share examples from some of their most successful projects. Plus, see a demo and learn how to increase conversion, retention, time spent on site, and referrals with Social Fabric, a powerful revolution in the social user experience.

    At 4:30pm to 5:15pm, Thursday 15th September

  • Changing Behavior with Positive Reinforcement: Speed Camera Lottery & Beyond

    by Kevin Richardson

    Our world is full of negative reinforcement and punishment for a job done poorly. Games teach us that positive reinforcement works better for creating most kinds of behavior change and adherence. What about in the real world? How can we leverage those behavior-modification lessons from games and apply them to our world to improve outcomes and get the best out of people? Internationally-renowned designer Kevin Richardson will share his vision for inspiring change through Gamification based on his experience and case studies, including his work designing the sensational “Speed Camera Lottery” in Sweden.

    At 5:15pm to 5:45pm, Thursday 15th September

Friday 16th September 2011

  • Introduction & Opening Remarks: The Importance of Design

    by Gabe Zichermann

    At 9:00am to 9:15am, Friday 16th September

  • Gamification by Design: a Dive Into the Essentials of Designing for Engagement

    by Gabe Zichermann

    Gabe Zichermann will give illustrations and best cases while highlighting important elements of design within the process of gamification, including the latest research and models from the upcoming book, “Gamification by Design (O’Reilly)”.

    At 9:15am to 9:30am, Friday 16th September

  • Understanding the Four Quadrants & How They Affect Your Product Design

    by Jon Radoff

    Growing out of lessons learned in the recently released book, Game On: Energize Your Business with Social Media Games, author Jon Radoff shares his extensive experience in bringing game design to business. Adapted from Bartle, the four quadrants–immersion, achievement, cooperation and competition–shape how players interact with a game, and also come into play in how consumers engage with a company. Jon Radoff shares his experience in this Design Intensive.

    At 9:30am to 9:45am, Friday 16th September

  • Innovation with Gamification: Sidestep & Twist

    by James Gardner

    James Gardner previously worked as Director of Future Design and CTO at the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions, where he helped to develop a new internal platform for innovation in Government. He currently works at Spigit. In his upcoming book, Sidestep and Twist, he shares his extensive experience in innovation management and how enterprise can utilize gamification to build a business around new ideas while seeing them through to completion.

    At 9:45am to 10:00am, Friday 16th September

  • Science of Gamification: Unlocking the Hidden Motivational Power of Gamification

    by Michael Wu

    Michael Wu explains his research into the science of gamification and online communities. With a PhD in Biophysics from UC Berkeley and three years examining the complex systems of social media at Lithium Technologies, Wu has gained extensive experience in the new science of engagement. He shares the potential and pitfalls of applying the science in this design intensive.

    At 10:00am to 10:15am, Friday 16th September

  • Gamification Workshop: Get Hands On With Gamification

    by Gabe Zichermann

    With an all-new curriculum developed by Gabe Zichermann (author,Game-Based Marketing and Gamification by Design), our hands-on, interactive workshop leads you through the complete process of developing and implementing a gamification strategy. Learn the foundations of gamification, discover player types and what motivates and engages them, and see which game mechanics and designs are most effective. You’ll leave the workshop ready to implement a successful gamification plan, customized to your business needs.

    At 10:45am to 4:30pm, Friday 16th September

  • Mozilla Open Badges: Recognition for All Types of Learning & Real Results

    by Brian J. Brennan

    Using Mozilla’s new Open Badge Infrastructure, any organization, course or community can issue badges backed by their own seal of approval. Learners can collect badges from different sources and display them on their resume, web site, social networking profiles, employment sites, or just about anywhere. See how it works in this awesome demo from Mozilla.

    At 10:45am to 11:00am, Friday 16th September

  • Gamifying the Classroom: An Inspirational Teacher's Story of Making Education Fun

    by Ananth Pai

    As former globetrotting business executive turned elementary school teacher, Ananth Pai has seen it all. But when he inherited his class in White Bear Lake, MN, Pai realized there had to be a better, more engaging way to teach. So he grouped students by learning style, and retooled the curriculum to make use of off-the-shelf games (both edutainment and entertainment) to teach reading, math and other subjects. Students play on Nintendo DS and PCs, both single and multiplayer, for example. Their overall point scores are tabulated and shared using leaderboards. Find out what lessons were uncovered in the classroom.

    At 11:00am to 11:30am, Friday 16th September

  • Learning to Love Fun Again: Education & Training the Gamified Way

    by Ntiedo (Nt) Etuk, David Park, David Samuelson, Matt Shobe, Mike Fulkerson and Anthony Zolezzi

    Traditional education already has many game mechanics at play: scores give points for academic achievement, students level up through grade levels, finals represent a stressful boss level of all you’ve learned so far. The problem is that so far, the game has been designed poorly. Gamification has already begun to help educators reach their students in new and innovative ways. Pearson, Rosetta Stone, and Tabula Digita share their experience in bringing fun to the classroom.

    At 11:30am to 12:15pm, Friday 16th September