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lead vocals and guitar for @cultureDef bio from Twitter

Alex Reid

CTO, Artist, Agent and Community Activist. bio from Twitter


Co-author of Node.js in Action. Developer at Artefactual Systems. Advocate of compassionate nihilism. bio from Twitter

Regan Yuen

Web Developer. City-hopping. Nerdy. bio from Twitter

Cheryl Gledhill

President at pinch/zoom - we craft kick-ass mobile experiences. www.pinchzoom.com bio from Twitter


Hockey nut, sushi lover, music geek, Dutch. bio from Twitter

Phil Kneer

Vancouver-based design geek at IBM interactive bio from Twitter

Pauline Lai

Pauline is a Communication Designer - brand strategy, web development, marketing communication and volunteer @GDCBC in @Vancouver. bio from Twitter

Greg Davidson

Web Developer by day, Banjo Superstar by night bio from Twitter


British law student → game maker / front-end web developer. Last: Vancouver. Now: San Francisco. bio from Twitter

Mike Bultrowicz

Full-time mac developer bio from Twitter


social design research bio from Twitter

Eric Brooke

I’m deeply curious, love to learn, insightful about people and their psychological makeup, deft at communication, excel at networking, deeply tech-savvy

Frank derFrankie Neulichedl

Award winning art director, empowering the design community with tutorials, tips, industry insights, mobile design, creativity - personal tweets @neulichedl

Danubio Aguiar

Web Project Manager, interested in SEO, social media, open source, Drupal, Rio de Janeiro & Brazil aficionado and also an avid Rock'N'Roll fan. bio from Twitter


html5 | drupal | php | sql | jquery | android | css bio from Twitter

Alexandrine Boissière

Senior Software Engineer at HootSuite

Miguel A Tena

Mini Z R/C and SharePoint/.NET Enthusiast bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Morten R-H

Lightning Talk: HTML5 in WordPress


Developer, dilettante, destroyer of words. ♥s , λ & UTF-8. Expert in all things since whenever Google was invented.

Alex Toul

Tech entrepreneur. bio from Twitter


A web developer with Drupal / WordPress / PHP+MySQL, interested in learning more details about HTML5.

This person is speaking at this event.
Tom Dale

Strobe Engineer

Gleidy N. Mendoza

Front-end developer crazy to make the web a most usable place bio from Twitter

Weston Triemstra

Entrepreneur, product guy, developer. bio from Twitter

Raphael Huefner

bit hustler bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Andrew Howell

Business Professional; Avid Traveler; Proud Canuck. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Thomas Lewis

Lightning talk: CSS3 Media Queries

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