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  • Flume for data loading into HDFS / Hive at SongKick

    by Tim Sell

  • Leveraging MapReduce with Talend: Hadoop, Hive, Pig, and Talend FileScale

    As data sources multiply and data volumes explode, MapReduce techniques are reinventing analytics. Talend democratizes Big Data technology with intuitive tools that bring Hadoop to the mainstream
    ETL developer alongside conventional data integration processes.

    Talend Integration Suite MPx packages Talend’s support for Hadoop technologies, and Talend Filescale, a high-performance MapReduce solution for flat file processing. In this presentation, you will learn how to use MPx to incorporate MapReduce-based processing into your data integration solutions.

    An overview of the MPx technologies, use cases and business benefits will be followed by a demo of the Hadoop features of TIS MPx, including:

    · Loading data with HDFS and Cloudera Sqoop

    · Using Hive for ELT-style data warehouse aggregation

    · Transforming data with Pig

    Coverage slide deck

  • Leveraging Unstructured Data Stored in Hadoop

    by Adam Arlett

    Learn how Informatica (the leader in Data Integration) can help with unlocking unstructured, semi-structured and complex XML data stored in a Hadoop environment.

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