Call for Papers MMWeb 2011

i-KNOW 2011

Workshop on Multimedia on the Web

Streaming video has recently surpassed peer-to-peer networks in terms of network capacity hunger. Reports estimate a share of 40% of peak network capacity dedicated to entertainment, mostly streaming video. A large share of this traffic originates from web based services. YouTube alone takes up to 8% of the prime time internet traffic. So multimedia on the web is currently a big issue. While transmission currently works in a best effort system, multimedia information system on the web are far from being perfect. Retrieval, annotation, validated and useful metadata, reliable and trusted services, and user interaction and context-based adaptation are still under discussion and allow improvement. Currently, the Web itself faces dramatic changes, looking for example at the spread of social networks, Linked Data or the impact of HTML5 or WebM. These activities also have a deep effect on multimedia data and content provider. Following this, we aim to bring together researchers from the area of multimedia and the web to discuss innovative ideas and new directions in this workshop.

Topics of interest

We encourage the submission of high quality papers from applied and basic research as well as applications for multimedia on the web. Submissions have to relate to multimedia on the web, or more specifically on the following topics:

Annotation of multimedia for the web
Multimedia databases and metadata models
Multimedia & metadata adaptation
Multimedia in the social web
Multimedia user communities
Multimedia semantics & ontologies for the web
Proactive delivery and recommender systems
Semantic multimedia information services
User interaction & context
Web based emergence and self-organization
Web based multimedia search and retrieval


The workshop is organized by the Multimedia Metadata Community which has already organized many successful events in the past. The Multimedia Metadata Community aims to extend the active and successful community and network with new members.

This call is now closed. You can find more information here.

  • Closed on: 6th May 2011
  • Notification date: 20th May 2011