Sessions at IA Summit 2011 about User Experience on Thursday 31st March

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  • Creating an Agile UX Manifesto

    by Ann McMeekin Carrier and Mark Plant

    The original Agile Manifesto laid out four inspirational values and twelve specific principles. People quickly began to try and deliver against these using Scrum, Kanban, XP and other agile “frameworks”, and increasingly the practices of IAs, Interaction Designers and Creatives are expected to fall in-line.

    Scrum has some great ideas but the strict time boxing can be problematic for creative discovery. Kanban is great for tactical work-flow management towards the end of a project, but estimating and reporting can be tough.

    Both of us work in agile environments, but there’s a permanent question at the back of our heads. If we started from the same place, but with a UX perspective instead of a Developer perspective – would we come to the same end-game?

    We will discuss the original four values and work to create and agree a set of UX specific principles to explore how well we really align with the mindset of the original signatories. As we do so, we’ll provide an environment for learning a bit more about Agile, sharing experiences and harness the wisdom of the crowd for the benefit of the wider community.

    This workshop steps away from the assumption that we already have the right answer and uses a combination of democratic voting, group discussion and breakout brainstorming to attempt to arrive at some conclusions.

    It starts by checking that everyone agrees with the original Manifesto’s values through voting on them in a plenary session. Dissent is handled by giving those individuals a chance to put their case and then re-voting. A declared majority (we decided on 10/14 last time) carries the proposal.

    We then break out into smaller groups to facilitate brainstorming, discussion and inclusiveness (as well as reinforcing contribution and sharing) to define principles.

    After a time period we collate the groups suggestions, cluster and combine them, and vote / discuss their validity as something to move forward with.

    At 1:00pm to 1:00pm, Thursday 31st March

  • Observation Techniques for Developing an Experience Strategy

    by Christina York

    Ever wish you could get out in the field more?

    This workshop is about sharing techniques for observing user experiences and synthesizing those field observations into a strategy for improvement. The workshop will involve a hands-on observation project: observing the 2011 IA Summit conference experience. Workshop participants will perform field observations, website assessments, share findings, and work together to create topline statements and actionable recommendations for the 2012 IA Summit conference planners.

    This is a general workshop open to professionals of all levels of experience. Beginners in field observations are invited to participate in a real project that will teach techniques, allow you to practice them, and have a real deliverable as the outcome. Experts in field observations are invited to participate as the workshop will be a fun way to practice known techniques and share knowledge and experiences with other practitioners. Also, anyone interested in contributing to the profession by means of providing structured and productive feedback about the conference is encouraged to participate.

    The workshop will consist of 5 basic activities:

    1. Guided pre-workshop preparation
    2. Presentation of techniques and sharing of field wisdom
    3. Field observation activity
    4. Ideation/synthesis group activity
    5. Group discussion of findings and creation of action items

    At 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 31st March