Sessions at IBM IMPACT 2011 about Smarter Planet and MQTT and WebSphere MQ on Tuesday 12th April

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  • TCM-1233 Lightweight Messaging - extending WebSphere MQ for a Smarter Planet

    by Andy Piper

    WebSphere MQ has recently been enhanced with the MQ Telemetry feature to enable vast numbers of devices to connect from the edge of the network. Interconnectivity is one of the key aspects to enabling smarter working and a Smarter Planet. As computing devices get cheaper, smaller and more powerful, the traditional view of messaging clients is changing, and the boundaries of messaging networks are being pushed further and further. There is a need to get messages to and from new kinds of client devices: from terminals and small server devices, through hand-held devices like smart phones and PDAs, down to sensors, and tiny embedded devices

    At 1:30pm to 2:45pm, Tuesday 12th April