Ignite Detroit #2

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15 speakers

  • Dave Linabury @Davezilla Topic: How I Beat a Billion Dollar Company with My Blog
  • Daniel Eizans @danieleizans Topic: Bringing Game Models To The Workplace
  • Hubert Sawyers III @HubertGAM Topic: “Cool as Ice?” Universal Life Lessons to Learn from Vanilla Ice’s Folly
  • Henry Balanon @balanon Topic: Dad’s Guide on How to Handle the Birth of Your First Child
  • James Lu @uhubsocial Topic: Social Entrepreneur
  • David "Dixon" Hammond @dixonsviolin Topic: Doing the Impossible
  • Ken Wohl @KenWohl Topic: The Mysterious Community that Controls Viral
  • Mike McClure @mikekmcclure Topic: How to be a Better Boss by Encouraging Failure
  • Adam Kempa @adamkempa Topic: Time Travel for Lazy People
  • Laura Farms @Farms Topic: You Like Trivial Things, And That’s Okay!
  • Dan Redford @DanRedford Topic: The Glocal Life
  • Shawn Neal @thesugarpeople The Sugar People present “Live From GrooveBox Studios”
  • Evelyn Chou @Evyfindstheway Topic: China’s No Panda Express
  • Leslie Blackburn Topic: Transformation from Engineer to Sacred Sexual Healer: Learning to Let Go!
  • Emily Doerr Topic: The Creation of Hostel Detroit

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  • Dave Linabury
  • Daniel Eizans
  • Nick DeNardis
  • Michael Mistak
  • Hubert Sawyers III
  • Henry Balanon
  • James Lu
  • Dixon's Violin
  • Ken Wohl
  • Mike McClure
  • adamkempa
  • Laura Farms
  • Dan Redford
  • The Sugar People
  • Evelyn Chou
  • Sarah Worsham
  • Brandon Chesnutt
  • djmeph

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