Sessions at IMC Vancouver 2011 about Retargeting on Tuesday 4th October

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  • New and Expanded Ad Networks, Exchanges and Re-targeting

    by Jean-Philippe Gauthier, Bryan Mitten, Jason Dong and Diana Eng

    In August 2011 the IAB of Canada announced that Canadian Online Advertising Revenues for 2010 exceeded budgeted expectations of $2.1 billion, and grew by 23% to $2.23 billion. As a result, the Internet has surpassed Daily Newspapers and is now second only to Television in terms of share of total Canadian media advertising revenue. Search still leads in terms of total online ad dollars spent at $907 million (41%), followed by display at $688 million (31%) and of that Standard Display ads accounted for 74%. The IAB in the US and PwC in the UK stated that in 2010 display outpaced search in terms of growth with display growing by 27 percent and search by 8 percent. And according to March 2011 research from marketing platform Bizo, almost half (48.8%) of US marketers will increase their online display advertising budget this year.

    With increased marketing dollars flowing into display advertising, comes new and expanded opportunities. This session provides a current day view of the display advertising landscape, opportunities for improved targeting (such as advanced demographic, psychographic and technographic parameters), benefits and challenges of re-targeting (a.k.a. behavioural marketing), and about ad exchanges and the rise of demand side platforms that serve ad impressions based on relevancy to individual consumers and pricing based on demand for that target audience.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 4th October