Sessions at IMC Vancouver 2011 about Case Studies

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Monday 3rd October 2011

  • Community Communications Case Studies: Kinetic Muscles - Stroke Recovery and Rehab

    by Clay Braziller

    There are more then seven million people in the US and Canada who are recovering from stroke. They constitute a large online community of information seekers that includes physicians, therapists, resellers, distributors and people recovering from the disease. This case study will present how a small medical device firm integrated Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, snail mail, email and print in an effort to reach the diverse communities and still maintain their FDA certified status. The discussion will include what worked and other lessons learned by a startup in a big market.

    At 3:55pm to 5:15pm, Monday 3rd October

  • Community Communications Case Study: Designing for Community

    by Karyn Zuidinga

    Social networking and community based websites are a hot topic again. It seems every site now wants you to join and be a part of that community. The question is, if you offer the tools to build a community on your site, will they come? Using Analytic Design Group’s recent work on the CIRS (Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability) website as a case study, Karyn will explore various strategies for building community on a website. She will look at the the drivers for the strategic decisions we made, the context of the CIRS site, and explore how that might work in other contexts.

    At 3:55pm to 5:15pm, Monday 3rd October

Tuesday 4th October 2011

  • Find Red: Cannes Lions' Bronze Media Winner Innovation in Cross Platform Marketing

    by Andrew Bailey and John Gagné

    In November 2010 M&Ms teamed up with Proximity Canada for what started out as digital treasure hunt finding red M&Ms in Google Street View and resulted in an original digital game with international interest and garnering over 15.6 million impressions:

    • 19 minutes average time on site of
    • 8.4 million PR impressions over 30 days
    • Over 7 million QR code poster views
    • Over 225,000 twitter impressions

    In this presentation find out how this campaign came together, what it took to get full client support (not to mention Google support), the team dynamics required to successfully roll it out, the critical lessons learned along the way, and what this award winning campaign means for Proximity and M&Ms moving forward.

    At 10:15am to 11:05am, Tuesday 4th October