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Evgeny Shadchnev

Entrepreneur in residence at Forward Labs bio from Twitter

Luca Grulla

Lead Developer at uSwitch

Jae Lee

Developer based in London bio from Twitter

Paul Sturrock

Simple Venture Design. Applied anthropology. Entrepreneurship as a creative craft. Which are all the same thing really. bio from Twitter


fish inversely proportioned to pond bio from Twitter

Michael Mahemoff

Choose Web! Maker, Writer, Former Developer Advocate at Google. http://mahemoff.com. #UX #DevExp #HTML5 #Chrome #Agile #Psych

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Antonio Terreno

Equal Expert Partner, Products, Technology, Process bio from Twitter

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Patrick Vlaskovits

Founder of @SuperpoweredSDK. NYT bestselling author. Mentor with 500 Startups. http://superpowered.com bio from Twitter

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Salim Virani

Founder of @sourceinst. I accept follow requests from all humans. 🤖 bio from Twitter

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