IndicThreads Conference on Java 2011 schedule

Friday 2nd December 2011

  • Scala Collections API : Expressivity and Brevity upgrade from Java

    by Dhananjay Nene

    Dealing with collections is one of the most frequent activities in programming. The talk will focus on the rich collections API offered by Scala and on the myriad capabilities that are built into Scala Collections. The talk will refer briefly to the underlying design of the collections API. Given the API features and scala syntactic capabilities it will help demonstrate how complex computations can be elegantly expressed succinctly using Scala Collections. The talk will cover a number of examples including a few using both using Scala and Java Collections APIs. Finally the talk will refer to how these expressive constructs can help reduce both development and maintenance time.

    At 3:35pm to 4:40pm, Friday 2nd December

Saturday 3rd December 2011

  • Simplifying build scripts with Gradle

    by Saager Mhatre

    Build orchestration and automation has always been a tricky problem, especially once we start crossing application boundaries. Several tools in the Java ecosystem, such as ant and maven, have taken a stab at this problem.

    A relatively new entrant to this space is Gradle. Built using Groovy it offers an extremely flexible means of describing builds with only as much text as is absolutely necessary thanks to it's powerful plugin infrastructure and sensible conventions borrowed from existing tools.

    This session will introduce the audience to Gradle, the various DSLs used to describe builds as well as the plugin infrastructure that allows for extending Gradle's capabilities.

    At 1:20pm to 2:25pm, Saturday 3rd December