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Saturday 19th November 2011

  • Next Generation SEO

    by Michael Marshall

    This session will cover a new approach to SEO that can help get better results faster. The approach is founded on a more accurate understanding of how search engines actually work rather than some of the principles (some mistaken and others now or soon to be outdated) that are the foundation of some current methodologies and practices in SEO.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Saturday 19th November

    In Room B, McKimmon Center

    Coverage video

  • Audience-based SEO

    by Pepper Oldziey

    An interactive simulation of SEO research-based website development.

    I am struck by how many clients purchase new websites that cannot be seen by search engines. It is sad when someone pays a good bit of money and then has to build the site over again so the search engine can see it. The big problems are always the coding. There are simple things you can do to code a website so the search engines will get to the text and headlines and other tags easily. Consider this a refresher or just new information if you are not already aware of it.The content for this session will be based on real problems experienced by my clients, showing the problems and their solutions that moved them from being invisible to first page results.Website ranking factors discussed will include:

    • On-Site SEO tags, titles, heads, and successful code
    • Off-site SEO, gaining inbound links from authoritative sources, lens pages, and sales pages
    • Strategic placement planning for search engine local pages, matching highly searched terms by your client’s target audience.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Saturday 19th November

    In Room B, McKimmon Center

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