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Alex Stanhope

Web Designer, Photographer, Culture Junkie, Sometime Educator, Self-Confessed Bon Viveur bio from Twitter

James Seymour-Lock

Traveling the world working & advising for tech startups. Front-end architect & co-founder of Simple as Milk where we build products with beautiful experiences.

Andy Budd

User Experience Designer, partner at @clearleft and curator of @dconstruct and @uxlondon

Laura Kalbag

Chatty 28yo designer with a thing for the web. Loves design, development, accessibility, web fonts, responsiveness, and long dog walks. Designer at

Anna Debenham

Front End Developer


Bikes, tattoos and computers. Not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Kris Noble

Web designer / developer based in South London. HTML, CSS & PHP specialist, CodeIgniter user, monkey enthusiast, nature lover and tea drinker. bio from Twitter

Kevin Davies

Tech lead with websushi (outsourced development for design agencies), CEO of @sushiworks (hosted CMS platform), fuelled by coffee. bio from Twitter

Bevan Stephens

Freelance web and UI designer. One head, two legs, plenty of teeth and a plethora of hairs. bio from Twitter

Tom Bran

An Interface Developer with an overly-curious nature, spending my days building and discussing front-end web interactions. bio from Twitter

Simon Cox

I have built and managed websites for work and pleasure since 1994. I evangelise web standards, love using ExpressionEngine and am part of CroydonCreatives.

Alexander Dawson

Web Designer, Software Developer, SitePoint Elf, Geek Writer, Published Author, Learnable Teacher and so much more! bio from Twitter


Front end developer for @liquidlightuk, web geek, tea-aholic, cyclist and @_hovelo pioneer bio from Twitter

Robert Rawlins

I'm a technologist, web developer and opinionated arse. Co-founder of @sorryapp. bio from Twitter

Jack Sleight

I build things on the Internet. bio from Twitter

Niall Thompson

Co-founder of dandelion & burdock, a strategic design agency. English designer and front end developer. Working with #craftcms. bio from Twitter

Anthony Killeen

Free-time freelance web designer & front end developer, Husband, Dad, Runner, Gamer & Geek. I organise the @CrCreatives & co-founder of @12Devs bio from Twitter

Simon Bennett

Web developer - PHP, jQuery & MySQL and all things nice! Tennis junkie - fluffy yellow balls and all that. bio from Twitter

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Elliot Jay Stocks

Designer, speaker, author. Publisher of @8faces. Co-founder of @viewportind. Engaged to @samkabam. Father of @black_labbath. bio from Twitter

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Sarah Parmenter

Web Designer. Speaker. Virgo. Perfectionist. Owner of You Know Who, established 2002. Personal Blog: bio from Twitter

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Aral Balkan

Google and Facebook spy on you. Help us create alternatives that don’t. Independence ★ Democracy ★ Design bio from Twitter

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Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

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Keir Whitaker

@shopify Designer Advocate, occasional web dev and co-host @backtofrontshow. Tweets about ecommerce, the web industry, podcasting and travel bio from Twitter

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