Sessions at Internet Week Europe 11 on Thursday 10th November

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  • The Importance of a Robust Commercial Strategy - Putting Revenue First

    by Bree Stamp and Chris Kerwin

    Can-did focuses on helping digital businesses to make money. We specialise in advising digital businesses on their commercial strategies, and then on working with them to help implement their plans. We believe that commercial "users" are just as important an audience as end users, and that their needs ought to be explored and catered for as early as possible.

    This workshop will explain how this process works, showcase various business models and discuss multiple revenue streams.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Thursday 10th November

    In Classroom, The Hospital Club

  • Targeting Prime Suspects

    Explore the opportunities for brands to connect with the most affluent and influential audiences on LinkedIn. We'll take you through the expert solutions available on the social platform, sharing how other leading businesses are growing advocacy, attracting new audiences and creating experiences that delight their customers.

    At 12:00pm to 12:45pm, Thursday 10th November

    In Classroom, The Hospital Club

  • Mobile - the Future of Publishing?

    by Peter Buckley, Steve Pinches and Benedict Evans

    Join the Financial Times and Penguin for their panel debate on what the rise of mobile means for the future of publishing. The panel below will give an insight into their predictions for the future of the industry and discuss themes of fragmentation, routes to market, payment and long-term customer relationships, followed by a Q&A.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Thursday 10th November

    In Theatre, The Hospital Club

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  • Mobilize Your Brand Now: A Best Practices Discussion

    by Russell Buckley, Shawn Thomson, Andrea Bauer and Helen Keegan

    Mobile is all the rage and top brands are jumping into the space everyday. But engaging consumers on their mobile devices takes more than a simple app or mobile display ad... what is required is a thoughtful and strategic plan of action that creates real value and keeps them coming back for more.

    Join top innovators Russell Buckley (Eagle Eye Solutions), Andrea Bauer (Mobile Innovation Consulting), Helen Keegan (Heroes of the Mobile Screen) and Shawn Thomson (Largetail/ Cool Hunting) as they share thoughts, tips and ideas for how you can mobilize your brand today!

    We will also take a look into the future to predict what's next in mobile marketing and technology, with trend data courtesy of TrendONE, Berlin

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Thursday 10th November

    In Theatre, The Hospital Club

  • Mobile Applications as a means for the Future

    by Omid Ashtari, Adam Boyden, Jared Hecht, Ben Guyer and Jodi M

    A hot button topic for years, the emergence of Mobile Applications has led businesses across industries in new directions—from automotive to communications and retail. What does harnessing mobile technology mean for businesses moving forward?

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Thursday 10th November

    In Theatre, The Hospital Club

  • Finger Battle

    Finger Battle is an iPhone game created by Rafaël Rozendaal. It has been called the “simplest game in the universe”. All you have to do is tap your phone, as fast as you can.

    For Internet Week Europe, we are organising the first Finger Battle Tournament, to determine who is the fastest Tapper in Europe. The event will be hosted by Rafaël Rozendaal, and the winner will win a signed iPad and eternal glory.

    We welcome all Internet Week participants to put their fingers to the test.
    If you would like to attend or take part in a duel, please send an email to rr@newrafael.com

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Thursday 10th November

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