Sessions at iOSDev UK with notes on Friday 9th September

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  • Designing multi-user, single-device interfaces on the iPad

    by Kate Ho

    Multitouch interfaces not only means multi-finger gestures, but it also opens the door to multiple people interacting with the same device. The increased screen size of the iPad from the iPhone means that it is possible for mobile devices to comfortably fit more than one person around the same screen. This has led to a new class of multiplayer games, where friends can play together on a single iPad.

    In this talk, I want to talk about some of benefits of shared-device interactions, and discuss some interface design considerations when developing these types of games and activities.

    At 9:10am to 9:50am, Friday 9th September

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  • Standing out from the crowd - Marketing your apps

    by Craig Lockwood

    Craig founded appworkshops.com and regularly teaches app development workshops at universities around the UK. Craig is now the lead digital media developer at Huw David Design, creating engaging apps for a wide variety of national brands. Craig has had major chart success with a number of apps and is passionate about well formed and innovative marketing strategies. The talk will address how marketing can make your App more competitive in a crowded marketplace.

    At 9:50am to 10:30am, Friday 9th September

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  • Design Considerations for Educational Apps

    by Fraser Speirs

    The iPad is unrivalled as an education device and many schools, colleges and universities are adopting it. This talk will discuss the applications of iOS devices in schools and highlight several design and business considerations that apply particularly to applications for use in schools and with younger children.

    At 11:00am to 11:40am, Friday 9th September

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  • The Eternal Sunshine of the Developer Mind

    by Steve Scott (Scotty)

    Will this be a deep examination of the developer's psyche, or just an explanation of why we are all such cheery souls? Who knows, but I do know that Scotty is always worth listening to. He will look at past mistakes and future hopes, and finish off our conference on a high note.

    At 11:40am to 12:20pm, Friday 9th September

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