Sessions at J. Boye Aarhus 11 on Tuesday 8th November

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  • Surveys in practice and theory

    by Caroline Jarrett

    If you want to learn about large numbers of users, then a survey is the way to do it. They seem easy: anyone can throw together a few questions, send them out, and hope for a decent response. But we’ve all seen examples of poorly conceived surveys that couldn’t possibly deliver real insights for the organisation that sponsored them. If you’re hoping to do a survey that delivers valuable data for decision-making, come to this tutorial. Caroline has been working with surveys for a long time, and researching the best practices that turn them from ‘any old questions’ into ‘real, useful data’. She wants to know about your experiences with surveys. In return, you will learn;

    • How to write questions that are easy to answer
    • A practical process for turning a list of questions into a planned survey that delivers real value
    • What the theory tells us about an ideal process for developing your survey.
    • The importance of different types of error in surveys: sampling, non-response, and measurement
    • Tips from the survey methodologists on improving your survey

    At 9:00am to 12:00pm, Tuesday 8th November

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