Sessions at JAX London 2011 - Autumn Edition about Java EE on Tuesday 1st November

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  • Apache TomEE – Java EE Web Profile on Tomcat

    by Jonathan Gallimore

    This session explores Apache TomEE, pronounced “Tommy”, an all-Apache Web Profile stack built on Tomcat, which adds all the Java EE Web Profile features, while taking nothing away. The session will show you how to get started with TomEE, how to use it with a sample application, and how you can test your application with TomEE using tools like Arquillian.

    At 4:20pm to 5:10pm, Tuesday 1st November

    Coverage slide deck

  • Modular EJBs for Enterprise OSGi

    by Tim Ward

    Enterprise OSGi is all about enabling Java EE technologies in an OSGi environment. Modular EJB provides support for Enterprise Java Beans running inside OSGi, taking advantage of the framework's modularity.

    See how to:

    • Package EJBs for use in an OSGi environment
    • Make use of EJBs from other OSGi bundles
    • Consume OSGi services directly within your EJBs
    • Flow transactions between EJBs and OSGi

    At 5:20pm to 6:10pm, Tuesday 1st November

    Coverage slide deck

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